Letter to the People - April 2013

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Lizzie's new glasses 4/2013 from her instagram - photo by Lizzie

Lizzie's new glasses 4/2013 from her instagram
photo by Lizzie

Liz Cassity: I’d like to give a shout out to The Liz for her great work in helping to organize and edit the stories that come in from the Maximum Ink staff writers, it’s not an easy job. You can often find her in the Max Ink Radio chat room, find out for yourself: www.maxinkradio.com, stop in and say hello!

Mike Steldt: There is a benefit for Mike’s family coming up April 27th at the Richfield Chalet in Hubertus, WI. 15 Milwaukee area bands have come together for 12+ hours of music in memory Mike (see Rock Star Death Notices). All profits made (except for beverages) will be going to his wife Kristin and their three children. More info at www.facebook.com/events/486498271417463

Barry Roberts: I saw his name when reading thru the Death Notices and saw he was from Madison. A quick Facebook search revealed we weren’t friends, but 47 of my friends were friends with him. I felt like I should have known him. RIP Barry.

Rökker Vodka: It turns up in the strangest places, especially on Facebook, and now it’s featured in a web TV series. Chic is a comedy-drama web series currently in production. It will be shot entirely in the state of Wisconsin, with the first 6 episodes set for release soon. I hear Rökker Vodka makes at least two cameo appearances as well as a bottle of Yahara Bay whiskey!

Here is the description of the show from the website www.film-local.com/shows/chic.

“Margo and Gwen have had enough. After five years of directing and starring in adult films at a manipulative, money-focused production company, they’re striking out on their own. Along with their austere director of photography, Cyrus, they decide to chase their dream: producing an independent film that combines good story, character development, a powerful message…and sex. Along the way, they must endure difficult actors, financing woes, elitist indie producers and conservative zealots, not to mention keeping their personal relationships from falling to pieces. Armed with friendship, humor and righteous indignation, they will finish this film or die trying!”

Ok, sound intriguing? Rock out on Friday, May 3rd with the cast of Chic as they celebrate the the wrap of production on season one. Enjoy burlesque, fetish, Books in the Buff, and much more! The evening will wrap with a dance party by DJ Vinyl Richie, but not before you catch the world premiere of the extended trailer for Chic: Season One! It all takes place at the Inferno in Madison.

Cover includes a free drink (the Inferno does carry Rökker Vodka) and I’ll be there hanging out with a Rökkertini! Find out more at www.facebook.com/events/127077397471382

Adventures with Lizzie: Lizzie is klutzy. Whatever it is, glasses, phone, lavender bottle, backpack, they all seem to go flying when Lizzie’s around. And if it isn’t that, she’s surfing down the stairs or falling down. Each klutzy maneuver is always followed by a hearty laugh, which matches her beautiful personality and stunning looks… here she is with her new glasses.

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