Letter To The People - April 2015

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Nikko in Marko's custom Corvette seat gaming chair - photo by Mark Kroll

Nikko in Marko's custom Corvette seat gaming chair
photo by Mark Kroll


Did you know that Madison has a Creed? Yep! A statement by the Board of Commerce in 1915. This is the 100th anniversary of this document. Here it is in it’s entirety.

“I believe in Madison – The Four Lake City.

I believe in her PAST achievement – in the men and women who crated and conserved that I might produce and earn, enabling me to buy and pay – in the courage of her pioneers whose wisdom and foresight build between these lakes a well-planned organic city, every foot of whose ground is worth in gold its market value because the brains and brawn of man has added weather to nature’s own endowment.

I believe in the reality of her PRESENT – a present that combined the push and friendliness of the newer West with the reflection and pose of the older East, a present which makes her the distributing center of one of the most productive agricultural sections of American, the heart of the richest dairy region of the world, the location of going industry and commerce and the focus point of miles of railroad trackage that converges into this hub like the spokes of a wheel from nine directions – a present that make her the seat of government for forward Wisconsin, the home of a state university that spells freedom and utility and the birthplace of so powerful and influence for the well-being of humanity that thousands are attracted annual to this center of achievement in democracy.

I believe in her ability to become in the FUTURE a city of even greater influence and power – a city destined to become the above of one hundred thousand people, where the poor shall be less unhappy, the rich less self-satisfied, for the one shall have a more intelligent understanding of the other; where jails shall be empty of prisoners, streets clear of beggars and neither shall the aged in want be cast upon the charity of strangers; a city where friends shall be true friends; neighbors real neighbors; a city where the strong shall really sympathize with the weak; where there shall be even more respect for those who have traveled the longer road; and even more hopeful confidence in the promise of glowing youth; a city where progress shall be the result of retaining the good of the old and accepting the tried of the new, where cooperative competition shall be the ideal in trade, live and let live the slogan of business, serve others well to successfully serve self the policy of industry and commerce and finally where each and every citizen shall be a community builder in fact as now in name.

And I pledge to my city a more complete understanding of her problems, a more liberal conception of her limitations, a more hopeful attitude toward her possibilities, a more generous contribution to her needs, and a more active participation in the broader functions of her citizenship in order that my city may become a greater credit to herself, to Wisconsin, to America and to God because of my having lived in Madison – “The Four Lake City.””


Nikko at our buddy Marko’s house racing video games in the custom Corvette seat in front of a 110 inch screen. Heaven.



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