Letter To The People - February 2015

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Madison East Poms Team 2015

Madison East Poms Team 2015

Distill America: The Edgewater Hotel plays host for the 7th Annual Distill America micro-distiller convention. Get a ticket and take your glass around to taste spirits from around the country and hang out and speak with the distiller. The locals like R√∂kker Vodka, Yahara Bay Distillery, Old Sugar Distillery, Travis Hass Distilling, Great Lakes Distillery, Death’s Door will all be there as well. There’s always great munchies to help keep the sobriety in check.

Madison Mayor’s Race 2015: Tuesday, February 17 is primary election day for the mayor’s race. Assuming incumbent Paul Soglin makes the cut, Bridget Maniaci and Scott Resnick have both shown passion and conviction in regard to Madison’s music scene.

According to a recent article on SonicBids.com, Madison made #4 in the list of the top ten emerging music scenes across the country, losing out to Nashville, Toronto, and #1 Austin, and we also made #2 on the list for most gigs per capita (again behind Austin, lol). Livibility.com recently rated Madison as the #1 livable place in the country. We still have a lot of work to do in other areas, but we can bask a little!

Local Love Fest: Speaking of our local music scene, Local Love Fest is coming to the Frequency on February 13-14. Now in it’s fifth year, promoter and brainchild Brad Van (Droids Attack) gets local bands to play and record another local band’s song. Brilliant. Cover charge includes a free Local Love Fest 5 CD. See live performances by The Kites (reunion), Droids Attack, Cold Black River, and Emerald Douglas on 2/13 and 4 Aspirin Morning, Basement Fire, Devil to Drag, and Spit Tune. Hats off to you for 5 years Brad!

Adventures with Nikko & Lizzie: Nikko played drums in his school’s jazz band for a good crowd of around 300. He did really well, looked really calm and when he got off stage he came to me very excited and said “my heart is beating sooooo fast”. I think he’s hooked.

Madison East Poms’ second annual dance clinic is going to be on February 21st this year! Your child will learn a routine with their age group and perform with the Poms Team at a basketball game later that day, for Pre K - 8th Grade. Find them on Facebook and message coach Frankie. Keep up with Lizzie and the Madison East Poms Team, like their page for news, pics, and videos of performances.

It’s basketball season, go Purgolders!

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