Letter to the People - July 2013

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Backstage Vibe On The Rox: Yours truly will be on hand for MC’ing duties during the early part of the day on July 20th for the first ever music festival organized by up ‘n coming music related website Backstagevibe.com. Everything starts at 11am with 13 bands, 2 stages, beer tent, pig roast, raffles, and more. Sponsored by Max Ink Radio, Jimmy K will follow up as I head to the Regent Street Retreat for the Luna Mortis show.

Catch some great acts like Downplay, 3 Years Hollow, Ultrea, Falling from Fiction, Autumn Reverie, and more!

Rox is located just south of Jefferson on the Rock River. They recently remodeled the stage and lighting systems, and the place can handle a ton of people, and the best part is, they just scored a case of Rökker Vodka making them the first in Jefferson!

Luna Mortis: Saturday, July 20th is also the return of Luna Mortis. I asked Sal Serio to get a little more in depth with this story, as it’s not usually the case that we get to interview local bands that sign with major labels and are later dropped. The end is usually messy either personally or financially, so it was a great opportunity to hear from the horse’s mouth whether the golden goose is actually made of gold, and it was great to see these guys (and a girl) put aside any differences and get back together and jam… for the fun of it!

If you want to see them kick some butt live, come down to the Regent Street Retreat in Madison on 7/20, and also catch Mary and the crew during a special acoustic performance on the Jimmy K Show live on Max Ink Radio from the Wisco on Willy Street July 9th from 7-10pm. You can also tune in to hear the broadcast live at www.maxinkradio.com.

Lords of the Trident: Lords of the Trident and Tiger Clutch will release CD’s at the same show at the Regent Street Retreat on July 6th. It’s Fang Von Wrathstein teaming up with Mickey Grenades.. and Rökker Vodka… oh my! We’ll be doing plenty of toasts and Scorpion Shots!

Chic: The mini-series: It’s been a non-stop series of parties being a sponsor for Chic! A teaser party, an end of filming party, a for the hell of it party, and now… the premiere party! Sunday, July 14th from 2-5pm, the High Noon Saloon in Madison will host the premiere party and we’ll all finally get to see the full show! I can’t wait, it seemed pretty funny from the trailer and Rökker Vodka has a cameo along with Yahara Bay Whiskey!

Rökker Vodka: Wauksha alert: I’ll be out in Waukesha doing tastings on July 25th at the Nice Ash in downtown. Come down and enjoy a cigar and Rökkertini, as they have plenty in stock, and stay later for live music. Earlier that evening you can catch me at Revere’s in Delafield.

Adventures with Nikko and Lizzie: The new neigbors across the street are actually the old neighbors from next door, 15 years ago! We walked across to meet them and the older daughter tells us her name, Savvy (Savi), and who could forget that… but she was a toddler then, and so was Lizzie. How strange, Nikko and the other daughter Callie are around the same age, and it wasn’t long before the adventure of a “garage sale” was floated. The kids all manned the sale and hung out for three days laughing and playing, but not selling a whole lot. Oh well, it’s summer!

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