Letter to the People - March 2014

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Nikko on the drum kit - photo by Rökker

Nikko on the drum kit
photo by Rökker

Max Ink is 18 Years Old: I’d like to thank the readers around the state. You’ve allowed us the freedom to explore the frontiers of music stretching the envelope between fame and obscurity, exposing the unknown to the light, and fusing the fan with the artist.

We started Maximum Ink so that we could bring the artist’s story to the people, give them a voice. 18 years later, we are still doing just that!

Smart Studios Documentary: Smart Studios, Madison’s legendary recording studio owned by Butch Vig (Nirvana producer/Garbage drummer) and fellow Garbage guitarist Steve Marker. After the studio was closed a while back, Wendy Schneider, local film maker, recording engineer/owner and producer decided it was time to tell the story on film. Interviews include Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), Billy Corigan (Smashing Pumpkins), Garbage members, Tar Babies, Killdozer and many more! Really good stuff! Go to the website and view the trailer, then take the link to their Kickstarter funding project. Lots of good rewards and there is a Kickstarter Party at Genna’s Lounge in Madison on March 19th. Go to SmartStudiosDocumentary.com.

Willy Wash: a musical Yahara: The movement is gaining steam! I recently participated in a class study with Professor Alfonso Morales of Urban & Regional Planning at the UW. The class will study the major drivers of the Willy Wash and surrounding areas. Other participating guests included city planners, Greater Williamson Area Business Association leader, city alders, and even observers like the DNR. At the end of class there will be a final presentation of their findings and suggestions, and will available for public use. Join our group on facebook to stay informed, search Willy Wash or go to www.willywash.org.

Bash in the Bluffs 3: Rökker Vodka, We Make Music Happen and Max Ink Radio will be out in Baraboo at the Pumphouse Bar & Grill. Some of you may remember that as Hooty’s. With performances by Ultrea, Sexy Ester, Blacker Brothers, 4 Aspirin Morning, Wall of Funk, expect a little Madison Music Scene takeover in the Boo! Search Bash in the Bluffs on Facebook for more info.

Adventures with Nikolai: My drum kit is in the house! Nikko is practicing beats, hitting fills and listening to Led Zeppelin, now he’s understanding Bonham! we’re Rökkin! Ok, so yes, I’m a bit happy about this turn of events.



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