Letter To The People - May 2010

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Black n Tan and Rökker at the Mifflin Street Block Party - photo by Nick Berard

Black n Tan and Rökker at the Mifflin Street Block Party
photo by Nick Berard

Hey Everybody!

MIFFLIN STREET BLOCK PARTY: Well, no cars were burned, no batons were drawn, no tear gas or violence of any kind. There were just over 200 arrests, mostly for open intoxicants in public. There were 160 police officers, and most looked bored by the end of the day. We had great weather, a ton of people and great bands.

DCNY Pro did a great job of organizing the event and managing the day’s issues, and a big round of applause should go out to Ny Bass, David Coleman, Dave Black, WSUM, Dan Stoffels, Deb & John, the Security Guys, all the bands, Sticha Brothers Audio and the interns from MMI for their efforts to bring the Mifflin Street Block Party out of the dark ages. One fact that might interest only me: I saw at least 50 or 60 different t-shirt designs. People love this party so much, they make their own shirts! See you next year on Mifflin!

CAPITOL SQUARE SCAVENGER HUNT: Saturday, May 22nd we will gather at 4pm at the Signature Room at the Inn on the Park on the Capitol Square in Madison for the 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt put on by our promotions director Laura Steinhoff.

Yahara Bay Vodka will kick off the event with a FREE vodka tasting and players will receive their score cards and instructions before they head off to the participating bars to look for items on the list and photo document them on their digi-camera.

The Scavenger Hunt goes from 5-9pm and then we’ll meet back up at the Signature Lounge to get scores and award prizes. This year’s prizes will include tickets to Summerfest and Verge Fest, Yahara Bay and other gift certificates from sponsors like THE NEW PARADISE LOUNGE and more.

You’ll have to go up against last years winners Lisa Heggestad and Dan Schneiderman who blew away the competition and owned the title!

LAST CRACK: LC will perform a one off show at MAYBASH 2010 in Rio, WI on May 29th. If you are interested in getting an invitation to this large “private” party, find the band on Facebook and send a request message. Invitations are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

May is Elizabeth month. First comes her birthday on May 8th and then comes her recital for jazz dance and ballet for the Virginia Davis School of Dance. I’ll be there vid-taping the show and will post a video of both dances and get you a link next month. Hasta la vista baby!

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