Letter To The People - September 2010

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Elizabeth in her dress-up Wedding Dress - photo by Rökker

Elizabeth in her dress-up Wedding Dress
photo by Rökker

BEATALLICA: Maximum Ink presents Beatallica at the Annex in Madison on Friday, September 24th along with Lords Of The Trident. A mix of Beatles and Metallica that is truly unique. They had a great show at the Atwood Summerfest stage this summer, and now’s your chance to catch them indoors on a great stage. And prepare to stay after Beatallica for new-upcoming Madison band Ignorus which features Lars from Yahara Bay Distillery on drums, Cory the x-bartender from the Cardinal and Herb the quintessential silver fox on guitar. Staying late=good time.

DRAGONFLY LOUNGE: I’ve known Jamison Downing since his days just out of high school working at the Mango Grille. He cut his booking-teeth with Mango’s Kathy and moved to the Regent Street/Annex when Steve Horn (RIP) left and went to Buck’s. Along the way he jammed in a bunch of bands from Horizon 90, Autumn’s Dance, Angel’s or Insects, Innatrance and now Sun Dried Truth, in which he also plays with longtime friend and guitarist Pete Gargano (Zeus Fuse).

Pete also runs Bellini’s Italian Restaurant right by the Capitol on E. Washington in Madison. Bellini’s is our favorite Italian food in town, but that’s beside the point. Years ago, you may remember bands in the basement and the place was called the Cornerstone.

Well, they’re attempting it again. Jamison and Pete are opening the basement up under Bellini’s as the Dragonfly Lounge. They are encouraging bands to play at their cool, musician friendly location. If you’re in a band, send them an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

LAST CRACK: Just a reminder, the annual birthday bashes and LC reunion is coming up at Scatz in Middleton on Saturday, November 13th. Last year’s show was nearly sold out… make your plans now! If you are in a really special, unique band that no one knows about, email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), we’re looking for a unique band to open the show.

SAVAGEFEST: Jason Mansavage has been writing for Max Ink for many years. Recently he’s come back to writing for Max Ink after a hiatus and he’s coming back in style by throwing a huge show in Stevens Point featuring a ton of wikked bands like Chimaira, Soil, Allele, Primer 55, Killer In The Workplace and more!

Working with him to put this event on is another longtime Max Ink writer, Thom Hazaert. Everything is just circular. Go to www.savagefest.tv for ticket info.

HALLOWEEN: Maximum Ink’s annual Halloween Bash is coming to the Annex on Saturday, October 30th. We’ll release our grand plans for this year’s bash next issue, but put the date on your calendar. It’s always free to get in and we’ll have some prizes for a contest and more.

If you are interested in playing the bash, I’m looking for some new and interesting bands, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and make your case.

ADVENTURES WITH ELIZABETH: As a very young girl, Elizabeth adored wedding dresses. She would point out a wedding dress in a window, or a bride on the street when passing a wedding and she always had a few dress up wedding dresses in the closet. With Nikko it was construction equipment, but with Elizabeth, it was all brides. I’m sure it’s the same every little girl, lol.

Alice recently took Elizabeth to a used clothing store where she found a really nice wedding dress. I think her plans are for Halloween, thank goodness, but I couldn’t help but snap some shots when she did the test run.

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