Letter To The People - April 2010

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Elizabeth and Nikolai doing Karate pose - photo by Rokker

Elizabeth and Nikolai doing Karate pose
photo by Rokker

Mifflin Street Block Party: The 41st Annual Mifflin Street Block Party is back! Way back in 1994, myself and my biz partner Black n’ Tan along with our friend Philly Meier organized the 25th Mifflin St. Block Party. It was the biggest one to date. We lost our butts that year because the city wouldn’t let us have a beer garden, but we did have the late Buddy Miles headline. Oh the memories! More info at MifflinStreetBlockParty.com

Here we are 16 years later and Maximum Ink will be hosting the Rock Stage on Saturday, May 1st from 12-7pm. So far we have JT & DJ Acoustic at noon, then VO5 at 12:30pm and on to Sunspot, Sexy Esther and the Pretty Mama Sisters, Lords of the Trident and Brooklyn’s Shinobi Ninja.

Come out and hear some great music and prove again to the city of Madison that this is a peaceful event and a tradition and deserves to have the resources open to it for growth, development and security.

Thanx to Ny Bass, David Coleman, Dave Black, Maggie and the rest of the crew at WSUM for all the organizational time and energy they’re putting in for this event. You guys rock.

Battle of the Bands:
Break Into The Big Gig is the April/May Battle of the Bands at the Up n Under Pub on Brady Street in Milwaukee. Bands will be competing every Friday in April and the winner gets a gig at Summerfest. Patrons will receive a tally sheet and will participate in the voting process. Stop in and say hi to Brody!

Girls Rock Camp: Girls 9-17 years old have a new place to hang for the summer, learn music and build positive self-esteem. No musical experience is necessary and you don’t have to bring your own instrument, though it is encouraged if you have one, to join a band. The camp is run by Halle Pollay (wife of longtime Yid Vicious bassist Mike Pollay), Beth Kille (singer/songwriter and chair of the MAMA Advisory board) and Scott Meskin..

Each band is assigned two adults; a manager and a band leader. The managers are responsible for their campers and the leader works with her band to guide the girls on being a band, musicianship, timing, focus and all the other aspects of playing in a band.

Camp session is June 14-20, 2010 so register your child, volunteer or donate at www.grcmadison.org.

Adventures with Elizabeth:
Sweet little Elizabeth is Big Bad Lizzie now! Happy Birthday to Elizabeth who turns 12 in early May. She’s getting a little too big for her britches so we threw her butt into martial arts over at Martingilio. Expecting some rigid discipline or something, I find that Master Chris is learning a few ballet moves from Elizabeth. Oy!

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