Letter To The People - August 2008

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Atwood Summerfest 2008 - a look down Atwood Avenue from in front of the Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage - photo by Laura Steinhoff

Atwood Summerfest 2008 - a look down Atwood Avenue from in front of the Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage
photo by Laura Steinhoff

Hey Everybody!

MAXIMUM INK WEBSITE: Without much fanfare, the beta version of the new Maximum Ink website was unveiled. Though there is still a large amount of our archives to upload, there is more than enough to make the site functional and the Live Music Calendar a useful resource. All editorial from the print version back to January is now available as well as a great selection of past cover and feature stories. User commenting is also a new feature.

ATWOOD SUMMERFEST: Wow! What an unbelievable mix of incredible weather, great beer, good people and smokin’ bands!! I was impressed by every band’s performance on the Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage.

God’s Outlaw started the day with Brian Smith’s deep voice beckoning people stop and listen. Lucas Cates band followed with an inspired set of rockin’ bluesy pop. The guitar player was really jamming it out and even pulled out a violin while his guitar hung silently at bay.

Tex Tubb and the Jokermen got the people out swaying and dancing during their rendition of “Like A Rolling Stone” during their performance of an all-Bob Dylan set. Good Time Camper took the stage playing their own songs including “Madison”, as well as some creative covers of “Sweet Child Of Mine” and “Sweet Emotion.”

As the crowd moved closer to the stage, eastside favorites the Motor Primitives took the stage and organist Jeff Muendel and bassist Ed Feeney caught some inspirational groove that left me unsure Muendel’s organ would make it to the end of the show.

Detroit’s Dead String Brothers energetic performance included a guest artist for the evening, a “sit-in” pedal steel guitar player that was none other than the Rowdy Prairie Dog’s own Tom Dehlinger, who really shined on stage even though he only had a few days to learn the band’s set. Kudos Tom!! Kurt from the DSB mentioned on stage how “Madison is lucky to have a pedal steel player like Tom.” I’d have to concur!

The weather was perfect for beer drinking, and there was plenty of that thanks to Madison’s own Ale Asylum brewery.  Their sponsorship of the rock stage was key in helping us bring the Dead String Brothers to Madison. Hats off to Ale Ayslum! www.aleasylum.com

Another hats off to Randy Wilson, owner of Wilson’s Bar and Grill on Atwood and also Sentry/Metcalfe for their support.

And very special thanks to Scott from Madison Festivals for loaning us tents for backstage and Triple M radio for the push.

Credit really goes out to some of our staff who helped out greatly including Laura Steinhoff who helped with planning, sponsorship, copy writing and raffle organization along with Deb and John and Miranda who manned and managed the raffle tent and photographer Sarah Paske for hanging all day to document the event!

The Guitar Grips (www.guitargrips.com) were a huge hit too! Thanks to Brian Auman for helping me build our display stand that had 10 of the hands/grips sticking with one holding the acoustic guitar that was donated by Paradise Guitars in Beloit (www.paradiseguitars.com).

And we can’t forget about the Brink Lounge, Cardinal Bar, Back Bar, Smart Studios, Ultimate Arts and Capitol City Tattoo, Randy and Blake at JJO.

And very most, thanx to my Mom!

BONESHAKER: Milwaukee band Boneshaker recently played the music festival “Rocklahoma” where stormy weather ended their set. they sought shelter in a tent next to the stage only to have the stage’s lighting and canopy crash into the tent, only a nearby piece of heavy equipment saved them from immenent danger. Check out the pictures Stage Before Stage After Stage After II Stage Tent

Nikolai ToothlessADVENTURES WITH NIKOLAI: Nikko lost his first tooth this month. Mommy told him the tooth fairy was circling the house, but he’s not buying that one thanks to sister. Now the tooth fairy is sitting at the bus stop with Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Uncle Dan came out to visit and the kids promptly let him know about the fines for curse words. Being Uncle Dan, he pre-paid the kids so he could curse. Who does he think he is, Tony Soprano?

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