Letter To The People - August 2018

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Allison Rocker & Helen attend McCabe Rally at the capitol - photo by Helen Valentino

Allison Rocker & Helen attend McCabe Rally at the capitol
photo by Helen Valentino

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Gene Bennett who above all valued freedom of speech.

Politics with Rökker: I have an inkling that this will be the last you hear from me for a while regarding politics. This, my final column before the Democratic Primary election, is probably my most important. After August 14th everything will be about whoever wins versus Scott Walker and as you know by now, there is only one candidate that I believe will beat him, there is only one candidate that I’m going to write about, there is only one candidate who I will talk to my neighbors about. The rest are “hold your nose to vote for” candidates who won’t win in the general as we’ve seen three times from milquetoast, establishment candidates that don’t put forth an inspiring vision of what Wisconsin can become.

Nasty TV ads won’t beat Walker because that is just a money war and I’m sure you know who has more than double the amount of money than all of the candidates put together. So it will have to be people power as the Democratic party has also proven that their desired candidates concentrate on raising funds from special interest and super donors. Which leaves one to wonder why the Democratic establishment focuses on trying to beat money with money as if they’ve never experienced loss, or maybe want to lose. There is money in losing.

Which leads me to the fact that ‘money in politics’ is the number one issue expressed by voters. So what you gonna do? Vote for a candidate that focuses on fundraising? Mike McCabe won’t take single donation more than $200 from a person and not more than $1000 over the campaign. Totally crowd funded and beholden to you the people of Wisconsin.

A recent straw poll from Our Wisconsin Revolution (Bernie Sanders’ offshoot organization) featured a paying-member poll (43% voted) that picked Mike McCabe as winner with 57.1% of the vote. That means that the Bernie Sanders supporters who won 71 of 72 counties in Wisconsin can recognize the Bernie-of-Wisconsin candidate out of the bunch, Mike McCabe.

I was going to interview Mike for this issue when I saw a great op-ed he’d written for the local newspaper. Mike gave me permission to use it and you can hear Mike directly from his own mouth…. er keyboard.

Adventures with Lizzie and Nikko: Summer classes, summer jobs, summer camp, drums, Scott & Tessa, sleep…. winter is coming.

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