Letter To The People - January 2010

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Nikko holding his b-day card from Grandpa Jerry

Nikko holding his b-day card from Grandpa Jerry

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Jimmy Sullivan, drummer for the band Avenged Sevenfold. AX7 appeared on the cover of Maximum Ink back in July of 2006.

Soundgarden Reunion:
Although no details have been announced, it is leaking out that Soundgarden will reunite for a bevy of US and international festivals and possibly some touring for 2010.

Last October, the four members attended a Pearl Jam concert in Los Angeles and singer Chris Cornell performed Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike” with the band. Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron has been Pearl Jam’s permanent drummer since 1998. Reunion talks began shortly after. Look for some sort of back catalog or box set to be released to accompany the spectacle. Keep informed at Soundgardenworld.com.

Maximum Ink’s Valentine’s Eve Ball: Come out to Scatz on Saturday, February 13th for Max Ink’s first ever Valentine’s Eve Ball. It is 70’s disco themed and the appropriate dress and wigs are recommended as there will be dress/costume/dance contests to win prizes.

Admission is free and there will be drink specials from Yahara Bay Distillery and Bud all night.  Starting out the night at 9pm will be a free Yahara Bay Tasting Party, the supply is limited so show up on time. Music will start at 10pm and will feature the always charismatic VO5 on Alberto records. VO5 are a 10-piece 70’s disco band that bring musicianship, performance, comedy, and style to create an experience unlike any other.

It will be a fun night and great for couples. If you feel like the west side of Madison is too much of a haul… get a hotel… the Marriot Courtyard West is a few hundred feet from Scatz. They have killer rooms and the staff is excellent!

WYOU TVwill also be on hand to film the event so it will appear on the 100 or so video screens throughout the venue. Visit the WYOU table to find out about your local access TV channel on Charter.

Adventures With Nikolai: Nikko is officially seven years old now. For his birthday, grandpa Jerry came up with a Star Wars birthday card that had Nikko’s head on Anakin’s body. Since this picture, Nikko has lost both the baby teeth next to his new, big front teeth and scored a ton of dough from the various tooth fairies around the state. He takes it all and puts it in the bank for college, smart kid.

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