Letter To The People - January 2020

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Throwback: L-R: Lizzie, Timmy, Lexi, Nikko - photo by Rökker

Throwback: L-R: Lizzie, Timmy, Lexi, Nikko
photo by Rökker

Rökker Realty: If you know anything about me it’s that I love new challenges. That’s why I became a Realtor in 2020. So if you’re driving by that “For Sale” sign, give me a call. We can walk through the property together and help you take it to the next level if it fits your desires. Don’t call the name on the sign, they represent the seller. Call me and I’ll represent YOU! Put me in your corner. Call 608-239-4001 or email me at rokker (at) rokkerrealty (dot) com. 

Max Ink Radio: Goodbye 2019 and Hello 2020! Jimmy K and I are excited to get back to work at Max Ink Radio after our holiday break. Thanx to our substitute Rob Roberts for steering the ship while we were….. camping. So tune in on Saturdays and Sundays 6-9 PM and UNPLUG from the POLITICS on 92.7 FM Madison and 101.7 FM Milwaukee as well as streaming worldwide at Maxinkradio.com.

Max Ink Intern: A big welcome to Lexi Auman as she joins the Max Ink Team as our Social Media intern. Lexi graduates from the UW this year and we’ll have her posting on the interwebs for the spring semester.

Adventures with Nikko, Lizzie, Timmy, and Lexi: There was a time when life was simple and the only thing to worry about was making it to the Camp Shalom bus on time, and what was for lunch. Everything was a laugh and nothing made sense. Now Lizzy and Lexi are 21 and soon to graduate from UW Madison, while Nikko and Timmy are juniors in highschool. Here’s a throwback photo to those long summer days that seemed to last forever. Don’t ever grow up.

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