Letter To The People - July 2008

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Elizabeth gets new glasses - photo by Rokker

Elizabeth gets new glasses
photo by Rokker

Hey Everybody!

ATWOOD SUMMERFEST:  Saturday, July 26th at noon will mark the start of the 26th Annual Atwood Summerfest held on the 2000-2100 blocks of Atwood Avenue in Madison.

Last year’s festival marked a turning point in growth as the festival featured music legends Canned Heat and drew a surprisingly large crowd.

This year’s festival may prove to go beyond that as both the Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage and the Harmony Bar Blues Stage feature talented local and regional artists and a national touring headliner.

The festival is also going to feature a new selection of beers as well. Ale Asylum brewery will feature two beers on tap, Madtown Nutbrown and Hopalicious (along with Capitol’s Amber and Pabst Blue Ribbon for the hardcores - you know who you are).

Local bands God’s Outlaw (Johnny Cash Trib), Lucas Cates, Tex Tubb & the Jokermen (Bob Dylan Trib), Good Time Camper, and Motor Primitives will start the day while Bloodshot Records recording artists Dead String Brothers from Detroit will conclude the night. Make sure to check out their MTV videos and mp3’s on their My Space Account.

Over on the Harmony Blues Stage, an equally eclectic line up including locals Danny Miller Band, Kristy Larson Honky Tonk, Baghdad Scuba Review, Altered Five, and Mid-Westerners and conclude with homegrown national touring artist Paul Cebar who will be appearing with Tomorrow Sound and then with the Milwaukeeans after the festival at the Harmony Bar.

Local sound company Sticha Brothers build and fortify the two big stages to bring Atwood Avenue alive with music from noon to 6pm on Saturday, July 26th.

ROCK STAGE RAFFLE: The Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage will also feature a raffle of door prizes donated by our sponsors. We have some great ones too! Of course we have our Tattoos from Capitol City and Ultimate Arts Tattoos, but also an Epiphone acoustic guitar from Paradise City guitars, gift certificates from the Cardinal Bar and the Brink Lounge, Band Camp tickets from WJJO, and Guitar Grips from Grip Studios. Guitar Grips are artificial “hands” of various styles that bolt to your wall to hold your guitar. Check their website at www.guitargrips.com for more info on them. Tickets will be available on site.

Lastly I’d like to thank our sponsors who really helped us out so that we can bring you national and local talent on two stages at a FREE event. Local businesses who went over the top are Wilson’s Bar & Gill on Atwood, Sentry/Metcalfe’s, Smart Studios, The Back Bar in Janesville, Smart Studios and of course the Ale Asylum Brewery!!

ADVENTURES WITH NIKOLAI: The speech police are catching up with me. Nikko and Elizabeth are now well aware what cuss words are and have set themselves to a mission to collect fifty cents every time they hear one. I’m running low on quarters… they even want to fine me for “fricken.” What’s this kriffin world coming to when you can’t curse? Ozzy’s kids turned out fine, didn’t they?

The beta version of the new website design should be online and active by mid July. It’s been a huge process but I really think you will like it. I will post kid’s picks online this month.

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