Letter To The People - July 2018

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Rökker and Nikko at the MAMAs 2018

Rökker and Nikko at the MAMAs 2018

The recent Marquette Poll results yielded some interesting finds and got a few candidates doing backflips, but before we get too crazy lets take a closer look at some things. While Tony Evers claimed pole position in the horse race for Democratic gubernatorial primary he did so with 44% saying they did not know who they were voting for. Soglin came in second which goes to suggest that a little name recognition early on helps boost the established politicians, half of respondents “hadn’t heard enough” about either, and even higher for the rest of the field. The campaigns with the grass roots will likely gain traction during this final phase of canvassing, forums, yard signs, debates, and meet & greets.

The most interesting finding by the Marquette Poll was from the individual candidate head to head with incumbent Scott Walker. The results showed that the front runner Tony Evers still lost to Walker as did every other candidate in the field besides Mike McCabe who was within the +\- 4% margin of error at McCabe 42% and Walker 44% with 9% undecided. “I’m running strongest among the entire Democratic field. I’m within two percentage points of the governor and most voters don’t even know me yet,” McCabe said on Fox News 6 fifty days before the primary election on August 14th.

This probably hits home the most as it reminds me of how Bernie polled as the only candidate that could win against Trump, yet the DNC and their shenanigans picked Hillary intstead. And we know the result.

I sincerely hope that we can recognize that Mike McCabe is the candidate with the energy, experience, passion, grass roots volunteers coming out of the woodwork, rural support, and vision for a new kind of politics that works for everybody in Wisconsin, not just a few big donors or FoxConns. I implore you to find out more about Mike at GovernorBlueJeans.com.

Adventures with Nikko & Lizzie: Ok, bet you’ve missed the kids! Let’s get you up to speed. Nikko has moved from a camper to counselor in training at summer camp. He’s also banging away at snare with Black Star Drum Line who has an extremely busy summer. Black Star DL also won a MAMA award for Youth Performer of 2018 and were present to receive the award on stage on Father’s Day. What a present for dear ol’ dad!

Lizzie has gone international as she traveled to the Dominican Republic with her friend Alexis and now she likes fried plantains. Then she headed for Disneyland in Florida with her cousin and now she awaits her sophomore year in college to start at UW Madison. Bam!

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