Letter To The People - March 2008

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Brett Favre Retires - worst day ever!!

Brett Favre Retires - worst day ever!!

Hey Everybody!

BUDDY MILES: Issue 145 is dedicated to the memory of Buddy Miles, the former Jimi Hendrix drummer gone guitarist and songwriter, who was the headlining act for the 25th anniversary of the Mifflin Street Block Party back in 1994. That year broke the record for attendance at the event, Buddy sang and played guitar that day..

12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FOR MAX INK:  Since this is the first issue of our thirteenth year, we’ll do as we have every year, throw a party with free admission and free beer. And not any old beer, this time we’re giving away Ale Asylum’s Hopalicious at 9:30pm! And so you don’t get too wobbly, we’re gonna have pizza from Supreme Pizza and appetizer from Mish’s Catering (my mom if you’re wondering).  The party kicks off at 9pm on Saturday, March 22nd at Madison’s Cardinal Bar [Aleasylum.com].

El DONK: Falcon and the boys have played several Max Ink events in the past including sets filled with Pink Floyd, The Doors and David Bowie. Each time was and incredibly unique experience. For this party, El Donk will play songs from all three to bring it all home Max Ink’s 12 th Anniversary! They’ll perform two sets between 10pm and midnight. We’ll have classic rock dj to finish the night. [www.eldonk.com]

PARADISE GUITARS: We’ll be raffling off door prizes including gift certificates from Capitol City Tattoo, Ultimate Arts Tattoo and 4 Star Video, but the big one for the night comes from Paradise Guitars in Beloit (they’re just off the freeway just past Janesville) who have donated a ESP EC-50 Black Satin finish electric guitar. It’s no clunker either, it goes for $400!!!

SPONSORS: Other prizes being given away from stage will include gift certificates from Capitol City tattoo, Ultimate Arts Tattoo and 4 Star Video. Remember, Saturday, March 22, Cardinal Bar, Madison, FREE BEER at 9:30, NO COVER!!!

ADVENTURES WITH BRETT FAVRE: I received an email this morning shortly after I heard the news that Favre retired with the subject line of “Whaddya Think?” from fellow Packer Fan and Max Inker Jeff Muendel. He suggested I put my rant in my column. Here it is.

What do you think (about Favre retiring)?: Just harsh, it makes me sick to have to work now…. It’s worse than your girlfriend breaking up with you, worse than the engine blowing on your car, worse than internet thieves draining your bank account and credit cards, worse than the bank foreclosing on your home, worse than being laid off, worse than signing T.O., worse than your sister dating a Bears fan, worse than Darth Vader killing Obi Wan Kenobi…..... but not worse than if Ray Rhodes was hired as General Manager, so we lucked out there…

It’s funny, the one thing I think of is a friend of mine who died suddenly just before they hired Holmgren and signed Favre. He was such a diehard fan, but he never got to see a day of Brett Favre. I thought of him when the Packers won the Superbowl, I thought of him today. Thanx for the memories Brett Favre!

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