Letter to the People - May 2019

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Lizzie: 21 in the Madcity! - photo by Alexis Auman

Lizzie: 21 in the Madcity!
photo by Alexis Auman


Last month I was nominated in the finals for the MAMA Award for Music Fan of the Year. To celebrate and bring awareness to the MAMA awards voting, Jimmy K (nominated for Local Music Personality ) and I threw a Party For The People. While most people were probably watching the “Long Night” episode of Game Of Thrones, some good friends came out to hear great performances from One Human Band and the Madtown Mannish Boys.

What thrilled me about the night was setting up a donation box for MAMA Cares, a fund that helps musicians in times of crisis, usually health. Party goers donated nearly a hundred dollars and it really hit home as MAMA Cares recently helped David Davenport, who passed last month, and bassist Brian Connolly who recently had a stroke. Find out more about MAMA Cares at themamas.org.

Adventures with Lizzie:

Twenty-one years ago I made the announcement in this column that my first child, you know her as Lizzie, was born. “Adventures With Elizabeth” became a part of nearly every column as I documented my wondrous and often humorous journey as a new father, like that time I was recognized in the Barbie aisle at Toys ‘R Us. There I was, the leather clad, long haired scary guy fulfilling Lizzie’s curiosity to know every accessory that came with each Barbie set. I remember she didn’t have much patience for my friendly chat… don’t mess with Barbie time! And there was the wedding dress-up aisle at Target, that was a regular on the list too.

She grew up backstage at Atwood Summerfest, danced her way through Virginia Davis, performed and coached with the Madison East Dance Team, graduated from Madison East, and is now a junior at UW Madison.

Lizzie and I have had a lot of fun along the way and I’m glad you’ve been able to experience it with us. Happy 21st Birthday Lizzie! See you at the bars?

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