Letter To The People - November 2008

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Darth Rokker on stage with Axiom and the Wookie - photo by Andrew Frey

Darth Rokker on stage with Axiom and the Wookie
photo by Andrew Frey

Hey Everybody!

I am happy to announce that Maximum Ink is growing and changing. Besides the increase in pages that you might have noticed right away, we’ve also changed up our live music calendar to bring it closer to the website version. The online calendar allows you to sort the clubs in different ways like by city, quadrant or alphabetical. While that is not as easily done in print, we decided that it might be easier to find what you’re looking for if we put the clubs into zones. Now you can search for live music in Wisconsin by looking for the quadrant first, Fox Valley, Southeastern, Western or South Central and then locating the cities under that header. The Calendar and the rest of Max Ink will be tweaking and changing over the next few months, so pardon our dust!

The Halloween Spooktakular was a great success, thanks so much to those who came out early (the Annex was jammed by 9pm) and stayed all night. All the bands had a great crowd and Luna Mortis really put on a show. Tons of people showed up in Star Wars costumes and our friend Jules showed up as the only Slave Princess Leia (she won sexiest costume too).

I’d also like to thank Danchez, Jake and Lindsay who collaborated with me on a Jedi/Sith lightsaber battle. I’d never seen so many lightsabers in one room. It was a lot of fun, hopefully we can do it again sometime. Sorry for killing you Obi Wan!

And a big thank also goes out to Raven of Ravenworks who designed my Sith costume. It was over the top!

Happy Birthday Black n Tan! He’ll be celebrating his birthday down at the Inferno this month with Clyde Stubblefield and other jammers. Don’t miss his big ad and stop down and say hello.

Max Ink Holiday Party: Our next party will be held at the Cardinal bar on December 20th. We’ll have a special Pink Floyd show to commemorate Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright who recently passed away. Max Inker and Motor Primitives organist Jeff Muendel will perform classic Pink Floyd material all night with our favorite party band El Donk. Of course, there will be no cover, check for more details in next month’s issue.

Luna Mortis: Just a note for all you fans out there, Century Media just announced that February 10th is the release date for their new album titled: The Absence. Once again, congrats to Mary Zimmer and crew!

Adventures with Nikolai: Nikko dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween this year and I went as Darth Bane. It is amazing how much more candy you can reap with the Dark Side of the Force! My little apprentice seemed to get oodles more! While I was out, many kids were amazed by the costume and red glowing Sith lightsaber. I stopped one kid in his tracks, he was frozen. After I’d walked away a little bit, he ran and screamed back “I’ll never join you!”.

Here is a vid of Danchez as Obi Wan and Rokker as Darth Bane, battling it out at the Madison Horror Film Festival (outside the stage door in Madison, video by Wendy from Sunspot)


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