Letter to the People - October 2019

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Lizzie and Lexi at the Jonas Brothers in Milwaukee

Lizzie and Lexi at the Jonas Brothers in Milwaukee

Max Ink Radio:

I’m really excited about Max Ink Radio. If you haven’t heard the show, tune in to 97.2FM on Saturdays from 7-9pm and catch yours truly, Rökker, and Jimmy K as we weave our way through the Madcity Music Scene every week. The main focus of the show is playing music by artists that are playing shows in and around Madison. Our main focus is local music and Max Ink Radio also features a few interviews and a segment we call “Rökker’s Closet. Each week I pull out a song from a band that’s no longer together and tell their story. It’s a great way to keep those old songs alive.

You can listen to the archived shows at www.talk927fm.com. If you are in a band and would like to submit your music, send an mp3 along with some bio info and where you’re playing to:
maxinkradio (at) gmail.

Adventures with Lizzie:

You know those old dressers you have that last through your childhood and then one day you’re all grown up and there are messages inked and scratched onto it like an old picnic table? We had one of those, and one of the messages carved into the side was “Joe Jonas is hot”. At the time Joe Jonas was a Disney character and the girls who proclaimed their love were probably 9 or 10. The crush wore off and the girls grew up, sort of.

Now both 21, Lizzie and Lexi headed to Milwaukee to attend the Jonas Brothers concert at the Fiserv forum.

The Jonas Brothers are married and have beards. Lexi and Lizzie are still best friends. The more that things change, the more they stay the same.

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