Letter To The People - September 2008

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Luna Mortis, former Ottoman Empire is signed by Century Media

Luna Mortis, former Ottoman Empire is signed by Century Media

Hey Everybody!

LUNA MORTIS: Back in December 2007 Maximum Ink featured the Madison band The Ottoman Empire on the cover.  They recently changed their name to Luna Mortis and in July were signed by Century Media Records, a worldwide record label including the likes of Lacuna Coil, God Forbid, Krisiun, Opiate For The Masses, Zimmers Hole, Celtic Frost, Norther and many others.

They are currently recording an upcoming release for Century Media at Florida’s Audiohammer Studios with producer Jason Suecof (All That Remains, Trivium). One song from the sessions, “Ruin,” has been released at MySpace.com/LunaMortisMusic.

A huge congrats to Mary Zimmer and crew for their good fortune and hard work. You deserve it.

Luna Mortis has agreed to play the Maximum Ink Halloween Spooktakular on November 1st at the Annex in Madison. Check back next issue for more details.

Brett Favre holding up the Jets jerseyGREEN BAY PACKERS: Who could have predicted the Favre retirement debacle this summer? Looking back at my prediction in January, the only thing I got right is that Favre would playing this year, just got the team wrong I guess.

But looking back, it seems so clear. It surely didn’t seem to me that he wanted to retire the way that he carried on at the press conference. I was in disbelief, it was like watching a bad movie where you’re yelling “don’t do it” at the screen. His actions said “retiring” but he cried “I don’t want to”. Which made me feel at that time that he was being “forced” to retire, his arm certainly hadn’t.

And then there was the Letterman Show where he kicked the ground like a shy schoolboy asking a girl out on a date. “Oh, I don’t know, Dave, somethin’ might happen,” said Favre when asked if he might come out of retirement because he hadn’t signed the papers yet… and never did.

And all of the rest..  the locker, the jersey retirement, the merch contract, the legacy protection, Ari Fleischer. To me, it all equals the Packers’ brass ending Favre’s career as a Packer. All because of that interception, because you can bet had Favre thrown a TD a la against the Broncos earlier in the season, I wouldn’t be lamenting this very moment, I’d be on the Dallas Cowboys message boards telling them how GB is gonna kick their asses this year!!

I’m wondering at this point how Favre will go into the Hall Of Fame. Do you really believe that when Favre is done with the Jets that he will sign a one day contract with Green Bay and then retire?

Ironically I was camping when my Fantasy Football draft occurred, and I’d also forgotten to rank the players, so it was a random pick by the computer. My quarterback is Aaron Rodgers.

So I guess it’s double the football this year, maybe the Pack should have negotiated a deal with Direc TV of Wisconsin before they traded Favre, they could have actually gotten something for him then. I bet Lane gets his Monday Night game in the last week of the season when the Seahawks host the Jets in Holmgren’s last game and Favre’s last game of the season…

Elizabeth and Nikolai just about to get on the bus for the first day of school 2008ADVENTURES WITH NIKOLAI: Nikolai starts kindergarten this month and Elizabeth goes to fifth grade. This means Rökker has 8-5pm to work on the Maximum Ink website every day! Look for new changes! I’ll put the Nikko/Elizabeth photo’s online.

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