Letter To The People - September 2018

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Nikko & Lizzie in Door County summer 2018 - photo by Allison Rocker

Nikko & Lizzie in Door County summer 2018
photo by Allison Rocker

This issue is dedicated to the memory of my best friend from high school, Mike Stoiber. He was a great drummer and an early influential person in my life who inspired me to play drums. I have many great memories jamming beats to the radio on the dashboard of my car… and of course we went to many concerts at Alpine Valley and Summerfest. We came of age together in the 80’s and and loved every minute of it! I will miss him greatly.

Blue Jean Nation: Mike McCabe may not have won the primary election, but more importantly he did not fail. There are a whole lot of people who felt really good volunteering for a candidate they believed in and there are a whole lot of people who know a lot more about the issues, the problems of money in politics, and the type of candidate they will get behind in the future.

To that end the campaign organizers, volunteers, and Mike McCabe are transorming their energy into Blue Jean Nation which will serve to identify and nurture future candidates, help organize in local communities to raise awareness of the barriers to getting their voices heard by their elected officials, and shape the conversation of money in politics, the problem behind the problem.

Members will also take their skills to other Wisconsin campaigns in progress. The McCabe campaign is over but the Blue Jean Nation movement has just begun. For more info go to BlueJeanNation.com or join the Dane Denim group on Facebook.

Adventures with Lizzie and Nikko: Summer camp is over and Nikko graduated from training and is now a camp counselor and now it’s on to sophomore year at East. You can catch Nikko with Black Star Drum Line in the parade at the Willy Street Fair on Sunday, September 16th at 11am.

Lizzie started classes at the UW Madison. If you see her around campus say “bonjour” because she just started taking French. I think it has something to do with Canada.

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