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{review_band_full} - Barefoot On Diamond Road

{review_band_full} - Barefoot On Diamond Road


Album Title: Barefoot On Diamond Road
By {review_writers_name}
Posted: Feb 2023
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Robert Forster - The Candle and The Flame

Robert Forster - The Candle and The Flame

Robert Forster

Album Title: The Candle and The Flame
By John Noyd
Posted: Jan 2023
Label: Tapete Records
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Brisk, rhythmic visions incubated in folksy jangle, tough-minded couplets and cajoling choruses, Forster’s uncanny knack for cordial stories captures wistful images inside jaunty sonnets. A ruminative troubadour foraging for simple beginnings and smart departures, the former Go-Betweens co-leader’s lean feelings weave scoffing thoughts among compassionate imagination. Personified in humbled harumphs and civil wisdom, the smoldering, “Candle,” illuminates those golden over the shoulder moments where disclosed moments gain trust in a steady beat and sturdy accompaniment.  The rhyming ruffian’s wonderstruck wanderlust, genuine empathy and matured concerns rally nuanced nostalgia, conducting raised glasses and furrowed brows in compact theatrics and ringing sing-alongs. Solid evidence presented in vivid symbols and pleasant resonance, Forster’s eighth solo adventure intertwines hearts and minds with weathered intelligence delivered in flowing, domestic fellowship.

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