Slow Burning Car

Album Title: Blowback
Record Label: Trifonic Laboratories
Review by Chris Fox
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Slow Burning Car - BlowbackSlow Burning Car - Blowback

These guys are out to simply rock, and enjoy playing their music. The album starts out with the words “Fe, fi, fo, fum” and the ridiculousness just progresses from there. Mixing punk rock ideas and vocals with folk guitar and excellent song writing creates a twelve song album that is 100% one of a kind. This album mixes both peppy and slow songs as well as both dark and upbeat lyrics creating the pleasant obscurity that is SLOW BURNING CAR. They’ll show you exactly who and what they are with no compromise. The respectable ideals and developing, progressive music really delve into a unique listening experience that with leave you both disappointed with the world and energized at the same time.

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