Album Title: Blue Skies
Record Label: Fat Possum
Review by John Noyd
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Dehd - Blue SkiesDehd - Blue Skies

Chicago’s upbeat three-piece Dehd shoots from the hip and say what they mean in unvarnished pardons and pounding shout-outs built from the ground up, stitching tasty basement greaser-rock onto lovelorn pop-punk rumbles. Honest, unadulterated songs whose succinct pitches and skeletal melodies stick around long after the record ends, “Skies,” relies on unpretentious friendliness, common problems and universal worries, connecting sensitive ends to streamlined means with gritty simplicity and daring sincerity. Cleansing benders sending headstrong throngs into last-chance dance-offs, the trio’s tribal tempos and lo-fi anthem shorthand finds joy in misery, trust in frustration and palatable salvation in cathartic martyrdom; a bonding call and response for tag-team dreamers shaking off life’s rat-race shackles. Dehd hit Madison’s Majestic Theater Wednesday, Sept 21st along with wonky word-spitter EXUM.

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