Diaries of Destruction

Album Title: Diaries of Destruction
Record Label: Curated Doom
Review by John Noyd
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Diaries of Destruction - Diaries of DestructionDiaries of Destruction - Diaries of Destruction

Sounds surrounding sounds, sounds inside sounds, sounds in raised decays and radiant fades, expansive granular tantrums and immersive dynamic phantoms, “Diaries,” detail Darwinian symphonies teeming with animated organics; semi-tamed industrial mayhem mutating into sonic topological ecologies mating mind-tripping experience to sedimentary evidence, questioning definitions through juxtaposed commotion. Gated mental-states fusing random ambience into laudanum compositions, world-building circuit-benders Elif Yalvaç, Arber and Michael Bearpark conspire to rewire. Supplemented by bassist Bryan Beller, the experimental theorists elevate nature through inclusive collusion and saturated artifice. Approximating without segregating, the project is open to a subliminal infinity supplying a terrifying ecstasy beneath seething frequencies. Environmental sensations compiled from processed electronics, pedalboard distortions and field recordings, the collaboration brims with vigorous synthesis, rocking out to unexpected perceptions and manipulated data.

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