Album Title: Doomsday Profits
Record Label: Duke’s Black Rose
Review by Chris Fox
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Archer - Doomsday ProfitsArcher - Doomsday Profits

This album will make you want to break out your leather jacket and get a new tattoo.  Shredding, bluesy guitar with the classic heavy metal feel that makes everybody want to go out and buy a motorcycle.  Mixing the vocal styles of JUDAS PRIEST and guitar riffs like the great Toni Iomi, ARCHER manages to create a new resonance for an amazing old sound. No mega death-metal distortion here, just the hard rock overdrive that metal started with. Walking bass lines that resemble DEEP PURPLE and straight up singing rather than the contemporary screaming makes these guys a unique classic sound that has been lost in modern music. An album that will inspire guitarists and have even the most critical cynics nodding their heads.

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