New People

Album Title: Impossible Things
Record Label: self-release
Review by John Noyd
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New People - Impossible ThingsNew People - Impossible Things

Comprised of Blamm-O bassist Matt Ackerman on guitar and Madison Lint guitarist Mark Lint on bass splitting the singing and songwriting duties, plus Ghost Town Council drummer Nate Pinney supplying a well-oiled pulse in addition to vocals and a few tunes; the silky smooth, square-jawed and sardonic New People distill years playing various combinations of indie-rock, power-pop and alt-country to concoct the unlikely delights of their sweetly scathing sophomore effort, “Impossible Things.” Clean, crisp and undeniably feisty, this contradictory Madison-based trio apply faux-ska new wave riffs and pleasingly teasing harmonies to sly, wry pop-rock etiquette occasionally dipping into darkly-colored romance and pompous arena-rock stomps for some tight, contrite swashbuckling swagger blissfully reminiscent of nineties sensations Semisonic, clean-cut cult-poppers Shoes and choirboy jangle rockers the dB’s.

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