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Album Title: Jeff Foxx
Record Label: Self Released
Review by Cactus Joe
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Jeff Foxx - Jeff FoxxJeff Foxx - Jeff Foxx

The self-titled debut album from NYC radio host and R&B bassist JEFF FOXX (session player for CHAKA KHAN, AL JARREAU, ISAAC HAYES, and ROY AYERS) offers a pleasant and soulful musical ride. It’s a funky, smooth, creamy and delicious, take-her-home-after-the-date-for-pillow-talk album. It was produced and co-written with Bernard Belle (MICHAEL JACKSON, BOBBY BROWN). “With the exception of my family, music has been my greatest joy,” Foxx said. “There are few feelings that surpass the elation that comes with providing people with a good, musical feeling.” It’s definitely an emotive album. The melodies aren’t especially hooky, but they are juicy. Song to sample before you buy: “If You Look in Your Heart” (Track 2, chill bass solo).

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