Camper Van Beethoven

Album Title: La Costa Perdida
Record Label: 429 Records
Review by John Noyd
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Camper Van Beethoven - La Costa PerdidaCamper Van Beethoven - La Costa Perdida

For a band who recorded a song-for-song tribute to “Tusk,” it would not be a far stretch to imagine “Perdida” as Camper Van Beethoven’s “Hotel California.” The former West Coast non-conformists wax and warble in wry, disguised ironies tackling bodega-flavored ballads, psycho-groovy blues and gypsy-whipped whimsy for premeditated mayhem held in check by winsome wisdom, tender benders and nostalgic narratives.  Hemp-stoked, hickory-smoked, and pining for a paradise lost, CVB’s space-cowboy plaintiffs, wilted trailer-park angels and disenfranchised skater-punk apostles voice a dreamy cheekiness peppered in goofy truths and jaded depravity as smarmy swamis and cantina carnies reveal innocence upended; humanity’s fringe cast out and left to fester. In a rare double-bill alongside CVB singer David Lowery’s other band, Cracker, Camper lands in Madison’s Majestic Theater May11th.

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