Macie Stewart

Album Title: Mouth Full of Glass
Record Label: Orindal Records
Review by John Noyd
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Macie Stewart - Mouth Full of GlassMacie Stewart - Mouth Full of Glass

Enchanting candor bathed in dainty arrangements, multi-instrumentalist Macie Stewart draws from her string arranger past to conjure serene evenings in chamber-folk gazebos, pristine dreams and sensitive reflections gently entertaining acoustic moods through compositional wit and graceful appraisal. A collaborative creature looking to find her own voice, “Glass,” highlights Stewart’s individual skills and lyrical talents with resourceful poise and gorgeous orchestration, exhibiting exceptional clarity in her creative impulses and affectionate charity in her choice of quality colleagues. Cornetist Ben Lamar Gray, cellist Lia Kohl and saxophone arrangements from Ayanna Woods and Sen Morimoto serve Stewart’s softly sophisticated tastes whose subtle leadership and tactful passions nurture through analysis. Bravely facing uncertain futures with merciful purpose, Macie’s glowing solo debut provides refuge for communal moods harboring solitary melancholy.

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