Kyle Rightley

Album Title: The Hum
Record Label: self-release
Review by John Noyd
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Kyle Rightley - The HumKyle Rightley - The Hum

Kicking things off with an aspirational Celtic jig melting into explosive folk, tinged with indie-rock, “The Hum,” is hard to summarize. Slide guitar slices to the quick, chamber-pop brass elevates poignant disappointments into elegant hesitation, mandolins swing in heart-wringing sympathy while ambient textures, crisp acoustics, gritty electrics and tasteful arrangements deftly fuse gallivanting dynamics into songs ambidextrous and effervescent. Ascending tensions both supportive and intriguing seize leads and control the flow jumping from miniature synth-rock operas to country-fried lullabies in an amazing display of multi-instrumental skills. Rightley’s perceptive lyrics unify the album’s encyclopedic styles; constantly evolving pondering, morphing meditations and persistent shape-shifting issues connect left-handed turns and expansive gambles to well-charted maps exploring contemporary territories in personalized fictions embodying modern contradictions within solid, accomplished compositions.

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