Tone of Voice Orchestra

Album Title: Tone of Voice Orchestra
Record Label: Stunt Records
Review by John Noyd
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Tone of Voice Orchestra - Tone of Voice OrchestraTone of Voice Orchestra - Tone of Voice Orchestra

A marvelous collaboration between singer-songwriter Trinelise Væring and Danish jazz saxophonist Fredrik Lundin, Tone of Voice Orchestra’s four singers, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, cittern, saxophones, flutes, two drummers and double bass mix East European folk with North African jazz and Mother Earth Americana for Druid grooves, pagan refrains and snake-charmer barnstormers. Incorporating contemporary fairy tales into real-life delights and blossoming thoughts, ToVO’s celestial messengers address modern problems and universal concerns as meditative drum-circles merge with nurturing self-worth and campfire mirth, a rumbling coven of fertile dervishes manifesting tantric mantras with aspiring choirs, unfolding solos and simmering rhythms patiently weighing hypnotic options. Pastoral stories producing heady flowerbeds stuffed with anthropological solace, the self-titled debut gathers deep-breathing seekers under bright silk-screened skies with yogic motivation and wide-open eyes.

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