The Soft Hills

Album Title: Viva Chi Vede
Record Label: Black Spring Records
Review by John Noyd
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The Soft Hills - Viva Chi VedeThe Soft Hills - Viva Chi Vede

An Italian phrase meaning alive to see, The Soft Hill’s latest laser-guided escapades envision brain-teasing mazes padded in fragile astral magic. Dreamy bleeding synthesizers sprinkled over twilight pining melts into sublime sunshine, tender expressions rendered with a touch of twang layered in crackling static floating over heavenly havens, The Soft Hills’ yielding, congealing fieldtrips conjure microcosmic odysseys whose surreal charades offer lighthouse fog melancholy alongside jaunty polyrhythmic mischief.  Navigating psychic spaces in a soothing confluence of frail alien transmissions, vagrant pedal steel and unwavering folk-pop sincerity, “Viva,” asks only a moment before capturing the long last in the might have been; a translucent infusion of witty sympathy, luminous despair and cool absolution. Good-natured and well-meaning, the album’s weathered effervescence envelopes the groovy with the moody.

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