Photos by Phil Hunt
by Phil Hunt
Posted: May 2004
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Chimaira holding the Slipknot issue of Maximum Ink - photo by Phil Hunt

Chimaira holding the Slipknot issue of Maximum Ink - photo by Phil Hunt

Chimaira is out on the spring Jagermeister 2004 tour in support of their Roadrunner records release ” The Impossibility Of Reason.” The word, Chimaira, pronounced “kim-ear-uh,” is derived from a monster in ancient Greek mythology. Comprised of three parts - the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a dragon, the Chimaera breathed fire and fear into the hearts of man. Chimaira ‘s music, with it’s multi-layered attack of pure aggression, scathing melody and lyrical content that touches on the darkest side of human emotion will assault and infect anything with which it comes in contact.

Chimaira, the band started the carnage once the lights went out and never looked back. Vocalist Mark Hunter let loose with a blistering brand of fevered energy and rocked the crowd with selections from the band’s three releases “This Present Darkness”, ” Pass Out Of Existence”  and ” The Impossibility Of Reason.”

Chimaira delivers a devastating and furious brand of angry energy brought on by the shredding guitar work of Matt DeVries and Rob Arnold and amplified by bassist Jim LaMarca.

Chimaira’s show was highlighted by keyboardist and electronics master Chris Spicuzza. I have not seen such energy on keys as he puts out during an intense, sweat dripping performance - non-stop metal.

Drummer Andols Herrick slammed his kit with a reckless abandon that showed the skins no mercy and showed the crowd what a metal drummer plays like. He is very visual and beat the hell out of that kit! 

Chimaira is on a mission to destroy everything in their path. From the first pummeling note, Chimaira ‘s aggression is reborn with every stage they take. Every instrument unearths emotions better left unexplored and together they unleash the vicious monster that lurks just beneath the surface of these six men.