Full Bush

OHMME & Alex Grelle's celebration of Kate Bush - December 11th, 2021 - Co-Prosperity Sphere Chicago, IL
by John Noyd
Posted: Dec 2021
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OHMME & Alex Grelle present Full Bush - photo by Dave Robbins

OHMME & Alex Grelle present Full Bush - photo by Dave Robbins

Theater. Adding a magnifying glass to life’s conflicted head-trips. A manufactured illusion to infuse a universal feeling, a shared experience with shining lights and added colors.

In choosing Kate Bush as their muse, OHMME and Alex Grelle’s Full Bush overflows in impressive expressions, presenting a tribute saluting not only Bush’s extraordinary songs but her sensual independence and ever-curious spirit.

Video projections, costume changes, choreographed theatrics, Full Bush revealed a musical mentor inside Bush’s vibrant insights on identity and creativity. Beginning with, “Wow,” the live performance stated its case early. The human spirit can fill rooms, priming the senses and ignite imaginations. Caressing the restless existential, “Big Sky,” “Deeper Understanding,” “Cloudbusting” and. “Running Up That Hill,” the dynamic staging transported Co-Prosperity’s art-gallery space into epic dimensions; visceral, physical drama sparking spectacles exemplified by melodic heights, outstretched limbs and breathless messages.

Chased in haste and emblazed in good taste, OHMME’s Macie and Sima’s voices were wonderfully matched to Bush’s full-bodied bravado and Alex’s energetic scenarios animated the enterprise with sensitive representation and emotional control.

Though Full Bush’s extended run is over, OHMME fans can catch Macie and Sima playing in Jeff Tweedy’s TWEEDY band for the next month. Macie is also doing a solo stint promoting her exquisite, “Mouth Full of Glass,” release at Chicago’s Tomorrow Never Knows Fest January 21st.

There is always the original source material, Full Bush’s hits and deep cuts set list proved a great reminder to review Kate’s inspiring timelessness and talented individuality.