Rock Star Death Notices - February 2011

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Debbie Friedman

Debbie Friedman

Jill Haworth (Valerie Jill Haworth) - Died 1-3-2011 in New York, NY, U.S. - Natural causes - Born 8-15-1945 in Sussex, England - Actress - (She sang, “Cabaret” and “Don’t Tell Mama” in the original Broadway musical Cabaret).

Mick Karn (Andonis Michaelides) (aka Antony Michaelides) - Died 1-4-2011 in Chelsea, London, England ( Rock ) Born 7-24-1958 in Nicosia, Cyprus - Sang and played bass, flute, keyboards, saxophone and oboe - Was a member of Japan, (They did, “Sons Of Pioneers” and “The Unconventional”), Dalis Car (They did, “The Judgement Is The Mirror” and “Create and Melt”) and NiNa (They did, “Rest in Peace” and “Happy Tomorrow”) - Worked with Kate Bush, Gary Numan and Joan Armatrading.

Gerry Rafferty (Gerald Rafferty) - Died 1-4-2011 in England - Liver failure ( Rock ) Born 4-16-1947 in Paisley, Scotland, UK - Singer - (He did, “Baker Street” and “Right Down The Line”) - Was a member of The Mavericks, The Humblebums (They did, “Shoeshine Boy” and “Saturday Round About Sunday”), Stealers Wheel (They did, “Stuck In The Middle With You” and “Star”) and The Fifth Column (They did, “Benjamin Day” and “There’s Nobody Here”).

Tavo Kupinski (Gustavo Kupinski) - Died 1-4-2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Car accident which also killed his wife ( Rock ) He was 36 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of Los Piojos (They did, “Civilizacion” and “Pacifico”).

Grady Chapman - Died 1-4-2011 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Congestive heart failure ( R&B ) Born 10-1-1929 in Greenville, SC, U.S. - Singer - Led Grady Chapman And The Suedes (They did, “Don’t Blooper”) - Was a member of The Robins (They did, “My Heart’s The Biggest Fool” and “How Would You Know”) - Worked with Grady Chapman’s Coasters, The Bobby Nunn Tribute Coasters Group, The Word Famous Coasters and The Fabulous Coasters.

Jeff Jacobs (Jeffrey James Jacobs)  - Died 1-4-2011 in Onekama, MI, U.S. ( Spaghetti Western Jazz ) Born 8-27-1969 n Columbus, OH, U.S. - Played trumpet and keyboards - Was a member of The Drift (They did, “Invisible Cities” and “Uncanny Valley”).

Yamashita Keijiro - Died 1-5-2011 in Tokyo, Japan - Bile duct cancer ( Rockabilly - Rock ) He was 71 years old - Born in Tokyo, Japan - Singer - Was a member of The Sons Of Drifters and Rockabilly Sannin Otoko (The did versions of, “Diana” and “Mean Woman Blues”).

Brian Rust (Brian Arthur Lovell Rust) - Died 1-5-2011 - Born 3-19-1922 in London, England - Jazz discographer - Wrote for The Gramophone magazine and for liner notes for jazz records - He compiled the jazz discography, Jazz Records 1897-1942.

Derek Dugger - Died 1-6-2011 - Brain tumor ( Rock - Rockabilly ) He was 47 years old - Drummer - Worked with Jimmy Dale And The Diamondback Trio, Brian Dunning And The Rock And Roll Trio, Fear Of Rejection, The R.I.P. Tides, Mack Stevens, Wanda Jackson, Big Al Downing and The Poison Okies.

Gary Claxton - Died 1-6-2011 - Suicide ( Country ) He was 50 years old - Born in Oklahoma, U.S. Singer - Was a member of Heybale (They did, “Honky Tonk Mood” and “Everything…About Drinkin’”).

Ben Lowe - Died 1-6-2011 in Melbourne, Australia ( Metal ) Born 1982 - Drummer and singer - Was a member of Dead Existence (They did, “Self Destruction Of A Fool” and “Suspicion”) and Void.

Phil Kennemore - Died 1-7-2011 in California, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 10-20-1953 - Bassist - Was a member of Y&T (Yesterday And Today) (They did, “Mean Streak” and “Summertime Girls”).

Bobby Robinson - Died 1-7-2011 - Illness - Born 4-16-1917 in Union, SC, U.S. - Produced The Shirelles, Spoonie Gee, Elmore James, Lee Dorsey, Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five, Dave “Baby” Cortez, Doug E. Fresh, Kool Moe Dee and Gladys Knight And The Pips - He founded or co-founded Red Robin Records, Whirlin’ Disc Records, Fury Records, Everlast Records, Fire Records and Enjoy Records.

Yue Lei - Died 1-8-2011 in Malacca - Nose cancer - He was 50 years old - Singer.

Elfa Secioria (Elfa Secioria Hasbullah) - Died 1-8-2011 in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta ( Jazz ) Born 2-20-1959 in Garut, West Java - Pianist - (He did, “A Foggy Day” and “Belaian Sayang”).

Oscar Lawson (Oscar L. Lawson) - Died 1-8-2011 - After a series of strokes and head injury ( Doo-Wop ) Born 9-2-1937 - Singer - Was a member of The Young Ones who became The Royal Jesters (They did, “Wisdom Of A Fool,” and “Gee Whiz”).

Debbie Friedman (Deborah Lynn Friedman) - Died 1-9-2011 in California, U.S. - Pneumonia ( Folk ) Born about 1952 in New York, U.S. - Singer - (She did, “Mi Sheberach” and “Oseh Shalom”).

Justin Jay (Justin Edward Jay) - Died 1-9-2011 - Bacterial meningitis ( Rock ) Born 9-7-1977 in Peoria, Ill., U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Boyscout (They did, “Boyscout”), Hialeah (They did, “Record Score” and “Water In The walls”) and Japanese Sunday (They did, “Surface To Air” and “Because You’re Still Breathing “).

Maria Elena Walsh - Died 1-10-2011 in Buenos Aires - Bone cancer ( Folk - Childrens’s Music ) Born 2-1-1930 in Villa Sarmiento, Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires - Musician, author and poet - (She did, “El País del Nomeacuerdo”).

Bosko Petrovic - Died 1-10-2011 in Zagreb, Croatia ( Balkan Jazz ) Born 2-18-1935 in Bjelovar, Croatia - Played vibraphone and accordion - Led The Zagreb Jazz Quartet - Worked with The Radana Bosnara Quartet, Alvin Queen, Clark Terry, Ernie Willkins, Joe Pass, Buck Clayton, Joe Turner, Kenny Drew and Art Farmer.

Margaret Whiting - Died 1-10-2011 ( Pop - Jazz ) Born 7-22-1924 in Detroit, Mich., U.S. - Singer - (She did, “A Tree In The Meadow” and “Time After Time”) - Worked with Freddie Slack And His Orchestra (“That Old Black Magic”), Jimmy Wakely (“Slippin’ Around”), Billy Butterfield’s Orchestra (“Moonlight In Vermont”), Bob Hope (“Blind Date”) and Paul Weston And His Orchestra (“It Might As Well Be Spring”) - Wife of porn actor, Jack Wrangler, Daughter of composer, Richard A. Whiting, sister of singer, Barbara Whiting and niece of singer, Margaret Young.

Paul Ashford - Died 1-10-2011 ( Rock - R&B ) He was 61 years old - Bassist - (He wrote, “Jenny” and “The Last Resort”) -  Led The Paul Ashford Band - Was a member of Stepaside and The Chosen Few - Worked with The Sharks, Paul Brady, Ronnie Drew, Mark Knopfler and The Miami Showband.

Tommy Crain - Died 1-12-2011 in Franklin, TN, U.S. ( Country Rock ) Born 1-16-1941 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Played guitar and banjo - Worked with The Flat Creek Band, Buckeye, The Charlie Daniels Band (They did, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” and “Cumberland Mountain Number Nine”) and The Crosstown Allstars.

Pat Williams (Patrick Williams) - Died 1-12-2011 in Clear Lake - Respiratory complication ( Jazz ) He was 68 years old - Played trumpet -Worked with Lionel Hampton, Nancy Wilson, The Temptations and B.B. King.

Clark Guettel - Died 1-12-2011 ( Jazz - Rock - Blues - Country ) Born 1949 - Played guitar, saxophone, bass, piano, banjo and accordion and was a creator of blown glass - Led Clark And The Sharks - Was a member of The Wilno Express.

Alex Kirst - Died 1-13-2011 in Cathedral City, CA, U.S. - Hit by a car in a hit-and-run ( Rock ) Born 1963 in Canada - Drummer - Was a member of The Nymphs (They did, “Death Of A Scenester” and “The Highway”) and The Trolls - Worked with Iggy Pop (“Ugliness” and “Beat ‘Em Up”)

George Ogg - Died 1-14-2011 - Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma ( Jazz ) He was 56 years old - Guitarist - Worked with Eric Clancy.

Georgia Carroll (Georgia Carroll Kyser) (aka Gorgeous Georgia Carroll) - Died 1-14-2011 in Chapel Hill, NC, U.S. - Born 11-18-1919 in Blooming Grove, TX, U.S. - Singer, model, and actress - Worked with her husband, Kay Kyser.

Trish Keenan - Died 1-14-2011 - Pneumonia ( Electronic Rock ) She was 42 years old - Singer - Was a member of Broadcast (They did, “Before We Begin” and “Papercuts”).

Harvey James - Died 1-15-2011 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-20-1952 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Party Boys and Sherbet (They did, “Howzat”) - Worked with Mississippi, Ariel and The Little River Band.

John Leicester III - Died 1-15-2011 in Pacific Palisades - Born 1923 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Jouyssance Early Music Ensemble.

Steve Prestwich - Died 1-16-2011 ( Rock ) Born 3-5-1954 in Liverpool, England - Drummer, singer and guitarist - (He did, “Something Caught My Eye” and “Trouble Free”) - Was a member of Sandy and Orange who became Cold Chisel (They did, “When The War Is Over” and “Forever Now”) - Worked with The Little River Band.

Augusto Alguero (Augusto Alguero Dasca) - Died 1-16-2011 in Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain - Cardiac arrest - Born 2-23-1934 in Barcelona, Spain - Composer, arranger and orchestra director - (He wrote, “Penelope” and “Noelia”) - Wrote music for films including, El ruisenor de las cumbres and Zampo y yo - At one time married to actress, Carmen Sevilla.

Don Kirshner (Donald Kirshner) - The Man With the Golden Ear - Died 1-17-2011 in Boca Raton, FL, U.S. - Heart failure - Born 4-17-1934 in the Bronx, NY, U.S. - Producer and promoter - (Co-wrote Connie Francis’s, “My First Real Love” and The Coasters’, “Wait A Minute”) - Wrote jingles with Bobby Darin - Co-founded the Aldon music publishing company - Produced and hosted TV’s, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert - Helped with the careers of Bobby Darin, Kansas, Sarah Dash, Neil Diamond and Carole King.

Sigurjon Brink (aka Sjonni Brink) - Died 1-17-2011 in Gardabaer, Iceland - Possible heart attack ( Pop ) Born 8-29-1974 in Reykjavík - Singer - (He did, “I Lose My Head” and “Calm”).

Purushottam Das Jalota - Died 1-18-2011 - Illness ( Devotional ) He was 84 years old - Singer.

Antonio Vincent - Died 1-18-2011 ( Rock ) He was 57 years old - Singer - Was a member of Sweet September (They did, “Hati Ku Kau Guris Luka” and “Nak kahwin duit tak ada”).

Cristian Paturca - Died 1-18-2011 - Tuberculosis and liver problems - Composer - He was 46 years old - (He wrote, “Imnul Golanilor”).

Charlie Scott - Died 1-18-2011 in Cortlandt Manor, NY, U.S. ( Blues ) Cardiac arrest - He was 59 years old - Born in Peekskill, NY, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Eric Haight, Tom Dudley, Gary Schwartz and Anthony Candullo.

Greg Johnson (Gregory Johnson) - Died 1-20-2011 in Harrisburg - Hit by a car ( R&B ) He was 58 years old - Keyboardist and singer - Worked with The Stan Middleton Band and Joe Cocker (On his Unchain My Heart album).

Brendan Majewski - Died 1-20-2011 in New York, U.S. ( Rock ) He was 37 years old - Bassist and singer - Was a member of Quix*o*tic (They did, “Breeze” and “Anonymous Face”) and Orphan (They did, “Taco Truck Snackery” and “Love Is For The Birds”).

Eugenio Arango (aka Totico) - Died 1-21-2011 in New York, U.S. ( Latin ) Born in Los Sitios barrio, Havana, Cuba - Singer and percussionist - Worked with Carlos “Patato” Valde (They did, “Ingrato Corazon” and “Caridad Malda”), Alfredo Rodriguez and Israel “Cachao” Lopez.

Donald Korinek (Donald J. Korinek) - Died 1-21-2011 ( Polka ) Born 6-23-1926 in Dwight, Neb., U.S. - Played saxophone and clarinet - Worked with and/or opened for Nancy Evans, Lawrence Welk, Guy Lombardo, Wayne King, Jan Garber, Sammy Kaye, Bob Crosby and Russ Morgan.

Johnny Cruz (Juan Jose Cruz) - Died 1-21-2011 in Lubbock, Texas, U.S. - Born 8-30-1955 in Corsicana, Texas, U.S. - Musician - Worked wih Conjunto Ambicion, The Latin Souls, The Hub City Band and Cervantez And Company.

Robert Rozelle (Robert Vernon Rozelle) - Died 1-22-2011 - After a car accident ( Rock ) Played bass - Worked with Love (They did, “Ninety Miles Away” and “Which Witch Is Which?”).

Bobby Poe (Bobby Nelson Poe) - Died 1-22-2011 in Vinita, Okla., U.S. - Blood clot ( Rockabilly ) Born 4-13-1933 - Singer and guitarist - Led Bobby Poe & The Poe Kats (They did, “Rock And Roll Record Girl”) and Bobby Brant And The Rhythm Rockers (They did, “Piano Nellie”) - Worked with Big Al Downing and Wanda Jackson (“Let’s Have A Party”) - Managed The Chartbusters - Founded the tip sheet Pop Music Survey and ran the music theater, The Grand Grove Opry - Kansas Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Marty Scott - Died 1-22-2011 in St. Augustine, FL, U.S. ( Blues ) He was 59 years old - Played guitar - Hosted radio’s, Blues Cruise.

Jim Grimes (Stephen J. Grimes) - Died 1-22-2011 in Harbeson, DE, U.S. - He was 36 years old - Born in in Wilmington, DE, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Loud Mowth Soup and Order/Disorder.

Mario Bustos (Mario Enrique Bustos) - Died 1-23-2011 ( Country - R&B - Rock - Tejano ) Guitarist and bassist - Was a member of The Kounts (They did, “Crazy” and “Do The Tiger”) and Los Jokers - Worked with B.J. Thomas (“I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”), J. Frank Wilson (“Last Kiss”), Cornelio Reyna, Tony De la Rosa, Isidro Lopez, Sunny Ozuna, Alfonso Ramos and Roy Head (“Treat Her Right”).

Barrie Lee Hall Jr. - Died 1-24-2011 ( Jazz ) Born 6-30-1949 in Mansfield, LA, U.S. - Trumpeter - Worked with The Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Francisco Mata - Died 1-24-2011 - Born 7-24-1932 in Juan Griego, Venezuela - Singer and guitarist.

Louis Roxborough (aka Chelum and Bassie) - Died 1-25-2011 in Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica ( Reggae ) He was 52 years old - Bassist - Was a member of Indika Band.

Buddy Charleton (Elmer Lee Charleton) (aka The Big C) - Died 1-25-2011 in Locust, VA, U.S. ( Country ) Born 3-6-1938 in New Market VA, U.S. - Pedal steel guitarist and bassist - Was a member of The Texas Troubadours - Worked with Patsy Cline’s Kountry Krackers and Loretta Lynn - International Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Larry Chesky - Died 1-25-2011 - Heart attack ( Polka ) Born 11-17-1933 - Played accordion - Led Larry Cheska And His Orchestra (They did, “Our Gang Oberek”) - Was a member of The Polka Dots - Ran Rex Records - International Polka Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Charlie Louvin (Charles Elzer Loudermilk) - Died 1-26-2011 in Wartrace, TN, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Country - Gospel ) Born 7-7-1927 in Henagar, Alabama, U.S. - Singer - (He did, “Ira” and “Great Atomic Power”) - He was one of The Louvin Brothers (They did, “Little Reasons” and “Are You Teasing Me”) -  Alabama Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee and Nashville’s Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Gladys Horton - Died 1-26-2011 in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( R&B - Soul ) Born 1944 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of Casinyets who became The Marvelettes (They did, “Please Mr. Postman” and “Beechwood 4-5789”).

Henrik Ostergaard - Died 1-27-2011 - Natural causes ( Rock ) He was 47 years old - Born in Denmark - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Crossfire and Dirty Looks (They did, “Oh, Ruby” and “If The World Stopped Spinning) - Worked with Rumbledog, Taar and Burning Orange.

Charlie Callas (Charles Callias) - Died 1-27-2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S - Natural causes - Born 12-20-1927 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Comedian, actor and drummer - Worked with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Claude Thornhill and Buddy Rich.

Tony DiPardo - Mr. Music of Kansas City - Died 1-27-2011 - He was 98 years old - Trumpeter and bandleader - (He did, “Daddy’s Got Woo Woo In His Eyes” and “Dark Eyes”) - Workd with The Irving Rose Orchestra and The Joe Reichman Orchestra.

Martins Freimanis - Died 1-27-2011 in Riga, Latvia - Complications of flu ( Rock - Pop ) Born 2-7-1977 in Liepaja, Latvia -  Singer and actor - Was a member of Tumsa and F.L.Y. (They did, “Hello From Mars”) - He played Edgars Petersons on TV’s, Neprata cena.

Slam Buckra (Richard Gazlay) - Died 1-28-2011 - Tongue cancer ( Rock - Blues ) Born 4-18-1957 - Guitarist - (He did, “Daddy’s Got His Cake” and “Life Of A Millionaire”) - Was a member of The Groove Palookas - Worked with Albert King and Albert Collins.

Ham Guerrero (Tony Guerrero) - Died 1-29-2011 in Austin, TX, U.S. - Complications from a heart attack induced coma ( Jazz - Latin - Funk ) Born 2-20-1944 in San Angelo, TX, U.S. - Played trumpet - Was a member of The Tortilla Factory (They did, “Shamtime” and “Phone On Vibrate”) - Worked with Little Joe And The Latinaires - Tejano Roots Hall Of Fame Inductee.

John Barry (John Barry Prendergast) - Died 1-30-2011 in Glen Cove, NY, U.S. - Born 11-3-1933 in York, Yorkshire, England - Composer and conductor - Led The John Barry Orchestra (They did, “Beat For Beatniks” and “Never Let Go”) - Wrote music for films including 11 James Bond films, and for Born Free and Dances With Wolves.