Rock Star Death Notices - March 2008

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Jimi Hendrix with Buddy Miles (right) circa 1970 Band Of Gypsies era

Jimi Hendrix with Buddy Miles (right) circa 1970 Band Of Gypsies era

Buddy Miles- Died February 27 at age 60 in Austin, Texas. He was a drummer who played with Jimi Hendrix in his short-lived group, Band of Gypsys. He even contributed two of his own compositions, “We Gotta Live Together” and “Changes.” In 1967, he co-founded Electric Flag, whose rock-brass sound influenced Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Jeff Salen - Died January 26 of a heart attack. Salen was a rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. He was a member of The Tuff Darts. They did, “Who’s Been Sleeping Here?” and “All For The Love of Rock and Roll.” He was the lead of Tuff Jeff Salen & The Silencers. He also worked with Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding and Ian Hunter.

Adam Parker Block - Died January 27 of a pulmonary illness at age 56 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. This rock journalist wrote the column, “Block On Rock” for The Advocate. He also wrote for Mother Jones, The New Musical Express and Creem.

Ben McMillan - Died January 28 from complications of diabetes at age 46. He was a rock singer and a member of both Gruntruck and Skin Yard.

Don Pavel (aka Donald Stanley Pavel) - Died January 30 of a Heart attack. He was the rock/bluegrass/blues guitarist that led The Big Top Chautauqua. He was also a member of Nothin’ To It, The Lost Nation String Band and The Blue Canvas Orchestra. He was the band director of the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua.

Ted Arighi - Died January 30 of Lung cancer at age 58. He was a rock guitarist who worked with The Misfits.

Big Joe Turner - Died January 31 in Pascagoula at age 63. He was both a bassist and trombonist. He was a blues musician who worked with B.B. King, Albert King, Little Milton, Isaac Hayes, Earl Lee Hooker and Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown.

Robert Luly - Died February 1 at age 65. He was born in San Bernardino, CA. He invented rock and roll’s earliest amplifiers. He built amps for Chicago, ZZ Top, Three Dog Night, Bread and The Beach Boys. He also worked as a guitarist for Frank Zappa.

Schoolboy Cleve (Cleveland White) - Died February 5 at age 82 in Daly City, CA. He played harmonica and guitar. He also worked with Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and Ron Thompson.

Scot Halpin (Thomas Scot Halpin) - Died February 9 at age 54. He was a drummer, guitarist, singer and songwriter. He once performed with The Who, filling in for an ailing Keith Moon who had left the stage.

Henri Salvador - Died February 13 of an aneurysm at age 90 in Paris, France. He was a singer and guitarist. He did, “Zorro est arrive” and “Mais Non Mais Non.” He worked with Django Reinhardt and Quincy Jones.

Jesus Rey David Alfaro (aka El Gallito) - Died in February of 2008 at age 26 of a gunshot wound in Tijuana, Mexico. He was a singer.

Jose Topete Guadeloupe - Died in February of 2008 of a gunshot wound in Tijuana, Mexico. He was the assistant to Jesus Rey David Alfaro.

Israel Torres - Died in February of 2008 of a gunshot wound in Tijuana, Mexico. He was the manager for Jesus Rey David Alfaro.

Jeff Healey - Died March 2 at age 41 after a long battle with cancer in Toronto, Canada. He was a guitarist and sold over a million copies of his group’s debut album ‘See the Light.’ This album was nominated for a Grammy and gave the group a US hit with the track ‘Angel Eyes’. Healey overcame his loss of sight as an infant when he began playing the guitar at age 3. He also developed his own style of playing the guitar across his lap while seated.