Rock Star Death Notices - November 2010

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Tomas Dask - Died 9-27-2010 - From injuries after he fell from a window ( Rock ) He was 25 years old -  Singer, pianist and guitarist - Was a member of The Bridgeheads (They did, “Animals” and “Expression”).

Ed Wiley Jr. - Died 9-27-2010 in Garner, NC, U.S. - After an injury from a fall ( R&B - Jazz ) Born 3-14-1930 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Saxophonist and singer - (He did, “Cry, Cry Baby” and “Young Generation”) - Worked with Big Joe Turner, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Michael Peay, Johnny Sparrow, Avery Ross, Clyde Patterson, Rufus Nance, Ray Charles, Milt Hinton and Teddy Pendergrass - He was married to singer, Maye Robinson.

Buddy Morrow (Muni Zudekoff) (aka Moe) - Died 9-27-2010 ( Swing ) Born 2-8-1919 in New Haven, CN, U.S. -  Trombonist and bandleader - (He did, “Night Train” and “One Mint Julep”) - Worked with Sharks Of Rhythm, Eddie Duchin, Vincent Lopez, Bunny Berigan, Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey, Paul Whiteman, Bob Crosby, Jimmy Dorsey and The Tonight Show Band.

Robert Brent Horner - Died 9-27-2010 in Salisbury - He was 63 years old - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of American Expression.

Jason Sica (aka Plunger) - Died 9-28-2010 in Edison, New Jersey, U.S. ( Metal ) Born 3-12-1985 - Singer - Was a member of Abacinate (They did, “Necroplunger” and “Disturbing Remedies”).

Voki Kostic (Vojislav Voki Kostic) - Died 9-29-2010 in Belgrade, Serbia - Illness - Born 9-21-1931 in Belgrade, Serbia - Composer and musician - Wrote music for films (“Tesna koza” and “Tri karte za Holivud”) and television.

Bill Volk (Clair W. Volk) - Died 9-29-2010 in Buffalo, NY, U.S. - Born 2-13-1948 in Jamestown, NY, U.S. - Musician - Worked with The Volk Family Band, Sound Investment, Monolith, The Melodeers, Rainbow and Tossed Solid.

Mangala Camara - Died 9-29-2010 in Bamako, Mali - He was 50 years old - Singer, guitarist and percussionist - (He did, “Minye Minye”).

John Allen - Died 9-29-2010 - Liver cancer ( Bluegrass - Gospel ) He was 75 years old - Played mandolin - Led John Allen And Friends - Worked with The Redeemed.

Doukissa (Doukissa Fotara) - Died 9-30-2010 in Athens, Greece - Cancer ( Folk - Laiko ) Born 2-8-1941 in Passalimani, Peiraias, Greece - Singer and actress - (She did, “We’re only human” and “Where Are You Going Without Love?”).

Aaron Carl (Aaron-Carl Ragland) - Died 9-30-2010 in Detroit, Mich., U.S. ( House - Techno ) Born 8-19-1973 in Detroit, Mich., U.S. - Lymphoma - Producer, DJ and singer - (He did, “My House” and “Crucified”) - Worked with Cece Peniston and Michelle Weeks - Founded Wallshaker Music.

Tony Thibodeaux (Antoine Thibodeaux) - Died 9-30-2010 ( Cajun ) Born 6-6-1938 in Rayne, Louisiana, U.S. - Played fiddle and accordion - Led Tony Thibodeaux And The Cajun Five - Worked with David Roy, Adam Maitre, Walter Mouton, Belton Richard, Aldus Roger And The Lafayette Playboys, Rodney Miller, Rufus Thibodeaux, Vin Bruce, Paul Daigle And Cajun Gold, and Doris Matte And The Lake Charles Ramblers - Cajun French Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

John Fraga - Died 10-?-2010 - Heart attack - He was 69 years old - Bassist - Was a member of The Rockets (They did, “Takin It Back” and a cover of “Oh Well”).

Davey Lee - Died 10-1-2010 - Heart attack ( Metal ) Guitarist - Worked with Reverend (They did, “Scattered Wits” and “Remission”) and Byfist (They did, “Inspiration” and “Guaranteed Death”).

Mark Sheehan (Mark T. Sheehan) - Died 10-1-2010 ( Hard Core ) Born 6-15-1969 in Lowell, MA, U.S. - Singer, bassist, guitarist and drummer - Was a member of Out Cold (They did, “Gimme Skelter” and “Death Warmed Over”) - Worked with C.J. Ramone and G.G. Allin.

Mario P. Cortes Jr. (aka Brother Mario) - Died 10-2-2010 - Pancreatic cancer -  He was 65 years old - Played trombone, flugelhorn and trumpet - Worked with The Regency Jazz Band, Powerhouse, Blue Berry Jam Band, The Texas Tornados, Asleep At The Wheel and Ruco Villarreal.

Trevor Fleming (aka Trev Fleming) - Died 10-2-2010 ( Metal ) Guitarist - Was a member of Sweet Savage (They did, “Killing Time” and “Take No Prisoners”) - Worked with James Hetfield.

Arthur Jarvinen - Died 10-2-2010 - Born 1956 - Composer, bassist and percussionist - (He wrote, “Endless Bummer”) - A founder of the California EAR Unit - Worked with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart.

David Bailey (David M. Bailey) (aka The Hope Guy) - Died 10-2-2010 - Glioblastoma Multiforme IV ( Contemporary Christian ) Born 2-26-1966 - Guitarist and singer - (He did, “Live Forever” and “One More Day”).

Murray Deutch - Died 10-2-2010 in Scottsdale, Ariz., U.S. - He was 90 years old - Music industry executive, singer and pianist - Helped with the career of Buddy Holly And The Crickets - He was the head of the music publishing company Peer-Southern International and the music division at United Artists - Founded the publishing company, Buttermilk Sky - Husband of actress, Lea Thompson, father of film director, Howard Deutch and brother-in-law of actor, Robert Walden.

Ed Wilson (Edson Vieira de Barros) - Died 10-3-2010 ( Rock - Gospel ) Born 7-29-1945 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Singer - Was a member of Renato e Seus Blue Caps.

Eddie Platt (Eddie Platakis) - Died 10-3-2010 ( Rock - Polka ) Born 12-8-1921 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. - Played saxophone and clarinet - (He did, “Waddeling Duck” and a cover of, “Tequila”) - Led Eddie Platt And The Contrasts - Worked with The Johnny Pecon Band - Backd Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers and The Brothers Four.

Scotty Hood (Campbell S. Hood) - Died 10-3-2010 in Mt. Lebanon, PA, U.S. - He had heart and lung disease ( Jazz ) He was 73 years old - Played upright bass, piano and sousaphone - Worked with Gene Ludwig, Spider Rondinelli, Mel Torme, Steve Allen, Carmen McRae, Joe Negri, Bobby Negri and Ray Brown.

Alberto Alves da Silva (aka Nene) - Died 10-4-2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Illness ( Samba ) Born 1921 - Founder of the samba school, Nene da Vila Matilde.

Norman Wisdom (Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom) - Died 10-4-2010 on the Isle of Man - Natural causes - Born 2-4-1915 in Marylebone, London, England - Singer, comedian, trumpeter and clarinetist - (He did, “Don’t Laugh At Me (Cause I’m a Fool)” and “Wisdom Of A Fool”).

Steve Richko (Steven Clark Richko Jr) - Died 10-4-2010 - Fell and hit his head ( Jazz - Blues - Standards ) He was 32 years old - Born in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Paul Keller.

Janet White - Died 10-4-2010 ( Gospel ) She was 77 years old - Born in Salisbury, MD, U.S. - Singer - She was one of The White Sisters (They did, “In Times Like These” and “Seeking For Me”).

Steve Lee - Died 10-5-2010 in Mesquite, NV, U.S. - Motorcycle accident ( Rock ) Born 8-5-1963 in Zurich, Switzerland - Singer - Was a member of Forsale and Gotthard (They did, “Heaven” and “Need To Believe”).

William Shakespeare (John Stanley Cave) (aka Johnny Cabe and Billy Shake) - Died 10-5-2010 in Bankstown, Australia ( Pop ) Born 11-16-1950 in Sydney, Australia - Singer - (He did, “Can’t Stop Myself From Loving You” and “My Little Angel”) - Was a member of The Amazons (They did, “Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby”).

Jack Berntsen (Joakim Jan Aril Berntsen) - Died 10-5-2010 ( Folk ) Born 10-14-1940 in Kjopsvik, Norway - Singer and guitarist - (He did, “Kor e hammaren, Edvard” and “Der ligg ei sto”).

Peter Meisel - Died 10-5-2010 Pinkhurst, NC, U.S. - Cancer - Born 6-22-1935 in Berlin, Germany - Music publisher and producer - Co-founded the record label Hansa which released recordings by Boney M., Giorgio Moroder, Modern Talking, Milli Vanilli, Die Prinzen, Lou Bega and La Bouche.

Colette Renard (Colette Raget) - Died 10-6-2010 in Yvelines, France - Cancer - Born 11-1-1924 in Ermont, France - Singer and actress - (She did, “La demoiselle” and “Paris canaille”) - Worked with Raymond Legrand - Appeared in the films, Un roi sans divertissement and Le dos au mur.

Antonie Kamerling (Anthonie Willem Constantijn Gneomar Kamerling) (aka Hero) - Died 10-6-2010 in Zevenhoven, Netherlands - Suicide ( Pop - Rock ) Born 8-25-1966 in Arnhem, Netherlands - Actor and singer - (He did, “Toen Ik Je Zag” and “Trap Of Time”) - Appeared in the films, I Love You Too and Exorcist: The Beginning - He had been married to actress, Isa Hoes.

Carly Henley - Died 10-6-2010 - Possible suicide ( Folk - Rock ) She was 20 years old - Singer and guitarist - (She did, “Star” and “Rain”).

Ian Morris (aka Tex Pistol) - Died 10-7-2010 in Napier, New Zealand ( Rock ) Born 1957 - Guitarist - (He did, “Nobody Else” as Tex Pistol) - Was a member of Chillum and Th’ Dudes (They did, “Be Mine Tonight” and “That Look In Your Eyes”) - Produced Dave Dobbyn, The Screaming Meemees, DD Smash, The Warratahs, Greg Johnson and When The Cat’s Away - He had been married to singer, Kim Willoughby.

T Lavitz - Did 10-7-2010 ( Jazz Rock ) Born 4-16-1956 - Keyboardist - Worked with The Dixie Dregs (They did, “Pride O’ The Farm” and “I’m Freaking Out”), Paul Barrere, The Bluesbusters, Mother’s Finest, Widespread Panic (“Me And The Devil Blues” and “Heaven”), Jefferson Starship and Jazz Is Dead.

Albertina Walker - Queen of Gospel Music - Died 10-8-2010 in Chicago, IL, U.S. Respiratory failure ( Gospel ) Born 8-29-1929 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. - Singer - (She did, “Please Be Patient With Me” and “Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around”) - Led The Caravans - Worked with The Pete Williams Singers and The Robert Anderson Singers - Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Neil Richardson (aka Oscar Brandenburg) - Died 10-8-2010 in Spain - Composer, arranger and clarinetist - Led The Neil Richardson Singers - Worked with Neil Diamond, The BBC Radio Orchestra, Johnny Mathis, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Vic Damone, George Shearing and for radio, TV and film - Wrote for The King Singers and The Swingle Singers.

Reggie Leon Battise - Died 10-8-2010 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Prostate cancer ( Rock ) He was 55 years old - Born in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Bassist, actor, singer and dancer - Was a member of Sha Na Na - Worked with The Bus Boys.

Bill Hardesty - Died 10-8-2010 in Peoria, IL, U.S. ( Jazz - Big Band ) Born 12-16-1926 in Monmouth, IL, U.S. - Trumpet player and arranger - Led The Bill Hardesty Orchestra - Worked with The Freddie Stevens Orchestra.

Roberto Stanganelli - Found dead 10-8-2010 in Higienopolis, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Born 2-24-1931 in Guaranesia, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Song writer and accordionist - Was a member of Trio Mineiro - (He wrote Sexteto Guarany’s, “Sempre sorrindo” and Jose Bettio’s, “Bis para o amor”).

Reg King (Reginald King) - Died 10-8-2010 - Cancer ( Pop - Soul ) Born 2-5-1945 in Paddington, London, England - Singer and guitarist - (He did, “You Go Have Yourself A Good Time” and “Down The Drain”) - Was a member of The Boys (They did, “It Ain’t Fair”) who became The Action (They did, “Shadows And Reflections” and “Baby You’ve Got It”).

Solomon Burke - The King of Rock ‘N’ Soul and Big Soul - Died 10-10-2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands ( R&B - Country ) Born 3-21-1940 in Philadelphia, PAS, U.S. - Singer - (He did, “Cry To Me” and “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love”) - Worked with Patty Loveless, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin and Gillian Welch - His songs have been covered by The Rolling Stones, Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Alison Stephens - Died 10-10-2010 in Cambridge, UK - Cervical cancer - She was 40 years old - Played mandolin - She was half of Duo Mandala - Wrote and/or played music for the films, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, The Queen and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Adam Hebert (Joseph Adam Hebert) - Died 10-11-2010 in Broussard, LA, U.S. ( Cajun ) Born 1923 near Church Point, LA, U.S. - Fiddler and singer - (He wrote, “Le Moulin” and “J’aimerais Connaitre”) - Was a member of The Veteran Playboys and The Country Playboys - Worked with Balfa Toujours, The Jambalaya Cajun Band and La Bande Feufollet.

Gerard Berliner - Died 10-12-2010 in Paris, France - Heat attack - Born 1-5-1956 in Paris, France - Singer and actor - (He did, “Louise” and “Du Ciel”).

Huddy Combs (aka Huddy 6) (Andre Hudson) - Died 10-13-2010 in New York, NY, U.S. - Car accident ( Rap ) Was a member of Harlem World (They did, “I Really Like It” and “Cali Chronic”).

Marzieh (Ashraf o-Sadat Mortezaie) - Died 10-13-2010 in Paris, France - Cancer ( Folk - Traditional Persian - Classical ) Born about 1926 in Tehran, Iran - Singer - (She did, “Raftam ke Raftam” and “Minaye Shekasteh”).

Kostas Kafasis - Died 10-13-2010 - Cancer - He was 70 years old - Singer and actor - (He did, “Mona zyga dika sou” and “Syneidisi mou”).

General Norman Johnson - Died 10-13-2010 ( R&B ) Born 5-23-1943 in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S. - Was a member of The Humdingers, The Showmen (They did, “It Will Stand” and “39-21-40 Shape”) and Chairmen Of The Board (They did, “Give Me Just A Little More Time” and “Everything’s Tuesday”).

John Silvio Ronga (aka Johnny Zane) - Died 10-13-2010 - Born 11-18-1949 in Queens, NY, U.S. - Sang and played piano, drums and guitar - Worked with his wife, Victrola (Dr. Nancy Hand-Ronga).

Stanley Purdy Jr. (Stanley Alfred Purdy Jr.) - Died 10-15-2010 in Hilton Head Island, SC, U.S. ( Orchestral - Jazz ) Born 8-7-1926 in Carbondale, PA, U.S. - Pianist - Led The Stan Purdy Orchestra (They did the music for Mickey Spillane’s, Mike Hammer album) - Founding member of The Low Country Chapter Of The American Guild Of Organists and The Junior Jazz Foundation.

Mike Cooper - Died 10-16-2010 - Cancer - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Boogie Men.

Eyedea (Michael Larsen) (aka Oliver Hart) - Died 10-17-2010 in Minneapolos, MN, U.S. ( Rap - Rock - Jazz ) Born 11-9-1981 in St. Paul, MN, U.S. - Rapper, guitarist and keyboardist - (He did, “Motormouths Anonymous” and “The Many Faces of Oliver Hart”) - Was a memeber of Sixth Sense who became Eyedea & Abilities (They did, “Junk” and “Now”) - Was a member of Face Candy and Carbon Carousel (They did, “Nervous”) - Worked with Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Sage Francis and Blueprint - Founder of Crushkill Records.

Bob Boardman (Robert H. Boardman) - Died 10-17-2010 in Port Angeles, WA, U.S. - Attacked by a mountain goat while hiking ( Bluegrass - Contradance ) He was 63 years old - Born in Washington, U.S. - Played guitar and mandolin - Worked with The Black Diamond Fiddle Club.

Dennis Taylor - Died 10-17-2010 in Greenville, TX, U.S. - Heart attack - He was 56 years old - Played saxophone -  Worked with Michelle Shocked, Delbert McClinton, Todd Snider, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and Buckwheat Zydeco.

Michael York - Died 10-18-2010 - Cancer ( Jazz ) He was 55 years old - Saxophonist - Worked with The Mel Brown Sextet and with his son, saxophonist Dusty York.

Marion Brown - Died 10-18-2010 in Hollywood, FL, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 9-8-1931 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. - Saxophonist - (He did, “Double Talk” and “The Holy Euphoric Stompers”) - Worked with John Tchicai, Mal Waldron, Harold Budd, Wadada Leo Smith, John Coltrane and Archie Shepp - Provided music for the film, Le Temps fou.

Jay Jay Winter - Died 10-18-2010 - Car accident ( Metal ) He was 43 years old - Singer and bassist - Was a member of Asomvel (They did, “Motherload” and “Internet Commando”).

Philippe Jolly - Died 10-18-2010 ( Rock ) Born 1955 - Singer and keyboardist - (He did, “Hugo le Momo”) - Was a member of Les Standards 4 (They did, “Nouvelles Chaussures, Nouvelle voiture” and “Le Jerry Lee du Jackpot”).

Kimbo Davis (Kim Bradford Davis) (aka The Blues Man) - Died 10-18-2010 - Shot himself ( Rock - Blues ) Born 10-6-1952 in Dallas, Texas, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Point Blank (They did, “Nicole” and “That’s The Law”).

Remo Germani - Died 10-18-2010 Vigevano, Italy - Illness ( Pop ) Born 5-31-1938 Milan, Italy - Singer - (He did, “Baci” and “In This World We Live In”).

Fabian Ortega (aka The Falcon of the Mountains) (Javier Ortega Pinon) - Found dead 10-19-2010 in Chihuahua, Mexico - Shot - Born 1982 - Singer - (He did, “El Centenario” and “Sala Sala”).

Johnny Salton - Died 10-?-2010 ( Rock ) Born in Miami Beach, FL, U.S. - Guitarist - Led Johnny Salton And The MC3 (They did, “Flames Of Love” and “Lover Girl”) - Worked with Charlie Pickett And The Eggs (They did, “Overtown” and “Mister You’re A Better Man Than I”), The Reactions, The Girls, The Normal Young Americans and The Psycho Daisies.

Ari Up (Ariane Forster) (aka Baby Ari and Madussa) - Died 10-20-2010 - Illness ( Punk - Reggae - Dub ) Born 1-1-1962 in Munich, Germany - Singer and percussionist - (She did, “Baby Mother” and “Kill Em With Love”) - Was a member of The Slits (They did, “Typical Girls” and “Man Next Door”) - Worked with The True Warriors, The Talking Heads, Prince Far I, Nina Hagen, Rip Rig & Panic, The Jammyland All Stars, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Terranova and The New Age Steppers - Stepdaughter of singer, John Lydon.

Denis Simpson - Died 10-20-2010 in Toronto, Canada - Brain hemorrhage - He was 59 years old - Born in Jamaica -  Actor and singer - Was an original member of The Nylons - Appeared in the Broadway musical, Indigo - Hosted the children’s television show, Polka Dot Door - Brother of actress, Gloria Reuben.

Billy Teddy Shelton Jr. - Died 10-20-2010 - Heart attack - He was 49 years old - Sang and played guitar, drums, keyboards and trombone - Worked with The Spaniels - Son of singer, Billy Shelton Sr.

Harvey Phillips - Died 10-20-2010 in Tubaranch, Bloomington, Ind., U.S. ( Classical - Jazz ) Born 12-2-1929 in Aurora, Mo., U.S. - Played tuba - Was a member of The New York Brass Quintet.

Jack Burress - Died 10-20-2010 in North Carolina, U.S. ( Country ) He was 60 years old - Singer - Was a member of Sonny And The Downhomers.

Blazer Cruickshank (Troydon Cruickshank) - Died 10-21-2010 - Shot ( Soca ) He was 31 years old - Singer - (He did, “Wrong Timing” and “Jumpy”).

Jose Carbajal (aka El Sabalero) (Jose Maria Carbajal Pruzzo) - Died 10-21-2010 in Villa Argentina, Canelones, Uruguay - Heart attack - Born 12-8-1943 in Puerto Sauce, Juan Lacaze ,Colonia, Uruguay - Singer and guitarist - (He did, “A mi gente” and “La Sencillita”) - Worked with Fernando Goicoechea and Roberto ‘Palito’ Elissalde.

Uccio Aloisi (Antonio Aloisi) - Died 10-21-2010 ( Italian Folk ) Born 10-1-1928 - Singer - (He did, “Stornelli” and “La Cesarina”) - Led Uccio Aloisi Gruppu.

Weldon A. McDougal III - Died 10-21-2010 - Pancreatic cancer - He was 74 years old - Singer and producer - Was a member of The Larks (They did, “It’s Unbelievable” and “There Is a Girl”) - Co-founded Harthon Records - Produced Barbara Mason - Credited with getting The Jackson 5 signed to Motown Records.

Armando De La Garza (aka Chief) - Died 10-23-2010 - Stomach virus ( Tejano ) Born 11-11-1958 in Seguin, Texas, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Carlos Guzman, Blackjack and David Lee Garza.

Doug Krieger - Died 10-23-2010 - Colon cancer ( Jazz - Symphonic ) He was 80 years old - Pianist - Was a member of The Piano Company - Worked with, Mike Cogley, Bob Gibbs and The International Symphony Orchestra.

Keti Chomata - Died 10-24-2010 - Cancer - She was 64 years old - Singer - (She did, “Mia agapi gia to kalokeri” and “Ki an s’agapo den s’orizo”).

Linda Hargrove - (Linda Bartholomew) - The Blue Jean Country Queen - Died 10-24-2010 in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S. - Complications from a bone marrow transplant of 20 years earlier ( Country - Gospel ) Born 1949 in Florida, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (She did, “Love Was (Once Around The Dance Floor)” and wrote, “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Just Get Up and Close the Door”) - Her songs have been recorded by George Jones, Leon Russell, Michael Nesmith, Al Green, Tammy Wynette, David Allan Coe, Asleep At The Wheel, Lynn Anderson, Ernest Tubb, Tanya Tucker, Tommy James, and Johnny Rodriguez.

Gregory Isaacs (aka Cool Ruler and Lonely Lover) (Gregory Anthony Isaacs) - Died 10-25-2010 in London, England - Lung cancer ( Reggae ) Born 7-15-1951 in Fletchers Land, Kingston, Jamaica - Singer - (He did, “Night Nurse” and “Love Is Overdue”) - Worked with Winston Sinclair (“Another Heartache”), The Concords, Freddie McGregor, Ninjaman, and JC Lodge and Beres Hammond.

Hollis Dixon - Died 10-25-2010 - Parkinson’s disease ( Rock - R&B ) Born 9-23-1935 in Decatur, AL, U.S. - Singer -  Led Hollis Dixon And The Keynotes (They did, “Paper Boy”) - Workd with Gary Baker, Jimmie Johnson, Donnie Fritts, Travis Wammack, Owen Hale, Eddie Hinton, Lenny LeBlanc, Barry Beckett, Ronnie Eades, Steve Nathan, Bob Wray, Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn, Roger Hawkins, Mickey Buckins, Junior Lowe, Randy McCormick and Donnie Srygley.

James Phelps - Died 10-26-2010 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications of diabetes ( R&B - Gospel ) Born 4-2-1932 in Shreveport, LA, U.S. - Singer - (He did, “Love Is A Five Letter Word”) - Worked with The Gospel Songbirds, The Holy Wonders, The Soul Stirrers, The Clefs Of Calvary, Lou Rawls and Sam Cooke.

Jack Brokensha (John Joseph Brokensha) (aka White Jack) - Died 10-28-2010 in Sarasota, FL, U.S. - Complications of congestive heart failure ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 1-5-1926 in Nailsworth, Adelaide, Australia - Vibraphonist and percussionist - Was a member of The Australian Jazz Quartet - Worked with The Funk Brothers, Art Mardigan, Matt Michaels, the house band for Soupy Sales’ TV show and The Australian Symphony Orchestra.

Walter Payton Jr. - Died 10-28-2010 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Illness ( Jazz ) Born 8-23-1942 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Bassist - Led Snap Bean and Gumbo File - Worked with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Aaron Neville (“Tell It Like It Is”), Harry Connick Jr., Champion Jack Dupree, Chuck Carbo and Lee Dorsey (“Working In A Coal Mine) - Father of trumpeter, Nicholas Payton.

Sean Carasov (aka Captain Pissy and The Captain) - Died 10-31-2010 - Shot himself - Managed The Beastie Boys - He did A&R work for the record labels Jive (Getting A Tribe Called Quest signed), Atlantic, Mammoth and Artist Direct.

Shannon Tavarez - Died 2010 - Acute myeloid leukemia - She was 11 years old - Singer - She portrayed Young Nala in the Broadway musical, The Lion King.