Rock Star Death Notices - Rokktober 2007

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Gary Primich

Gary Primich

GARY PRIMICH - Died Sept. 23, in Austin, TX. (Blues) He was 49, a harmonica player, and a member of The Mannish Boys. He also worked with Jimmy Carl Black.

SAMUEL HOOD - Died Sept. 3, in Kingston, NY, of cancer. Born in 1943 in Jackson, MS, was a manager for the band Fotomaker. He managed The Gaslight, which hosted Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Carolyn Hester, John Sebastian and Kris Kristofferson, and operated the clubs The Village Gaslight, The Elephant and Max’s Kansas City.

FRANK EDWARD HAYES, SR. - Died Sept. 3, in Stewartsville, MO, of prostate cancer. (Rock /Gospel) Born Aug. 19, 1942, in Caruthersville, MO, the singer worked with The Isley Bros, Leon Russell, Albert Collins, Toto, The Younghearts and Sly And The Family Stone.

JESSE SMITH - Died Sept. 4, in Minneapolis, of cancer. (Soul) Born in Aug. 1942 in Chicago,  the singer and trumpet player was a member of The Marvelows (“I Do”).

LUCIANO PAVAROTTI - Died Sept. 6, near Modena, Italy, of pancreatic cancer. (Opera) Born Oct. 12, 1935, in Modena, Italy, the singer was one of The Three Tenors. He also worked with The Passengers, which included U2 and Brian Eno (“Miss Sarajevo”).

JOHN KUCA, JR. - Died Sept. 6, in Portland, OR, of suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, which also took the life of his daughter Ruby. He was 39, and a member of Vertigo Butterfly. He also worked with The Fellini Outtakes, The Grinches, The Long Faces and Mabry Hood.

LURAY KUCA - Died Sept. 6, in Portland, OR. Of suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, which also took the life of her daughter Ruby. She was 39, a singer, and in Vertigo Butterfly. She also worked with The Fellini Outtakes and Artificial Art.

GREG MARCHAK (aka Super-G) - Died Sept. 6, of an aneurysm. The engineer and producer worked with Jon Oliva’s Pain, Mr. Bella, Damon Fowler, Four Star Riot, Mighty Joe Plum, Nocturnus, The Lemmings and Flood.

HUGHIE THOMASSON - Died Sept. 9, in Brooksville, FL, of a heart attack. (Rock) Born Aug. 13, 1952, the singer/guitarist was a member of The Outlaws and worked with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

DOUG MEECH Doug Meech - Died Sept. 10 (?) of unknown causes. (Rock) The drummer was 57, and a former member of The Chesterfield Kings.

JOE ZAWINUL - Died Sept. 11 of skin cancer, merkel cell carcinoma. (Jazz) Born July 7, 1932, in Landstrabe, Vienna, Austria, the keyboardist led The Zawinul Syndicate and was a member of Weather Report. He worked with Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, Maynard Ferguson and Dinah Washington.

ALDEMARO ROMERO - Died Sept. 15, of complications from an intestinal blockage. (Onda Nueva) Born March 12, 1928, in Valencia, Carabobo, the pianist and composer worked with The Caracas Philharmonic Orchestra, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Stan Kenton, Charlie Byrd, Dean Martin, Machito and Tito Puente.

WAYNE KNUPP - Died Sept. 15 of multiple organ failure. (Metal) He was 31, a singer, and a member of Devourment.

SPECS POWELL (Gordon A. Powell) - Died Sept. 15, in San Marcos, CA, of complications from kidney disease. Born June 5, 1922, in New York, he was a pianist and drummer and worked with Billie Holiday and The CBS network orchestra. He recorded with Benny Goodman, Red Norvo, Buck Clayton, Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins, Shirley Scott and others.

BRETT SOMERS (Audrey Johnston) - Died Sept. 15, in Westport, CT, of stomach and colon cancer. (Cabaret/Show Tunes/Novelty) Born July 11, 1924, in New Brunswick, Canada , the comedian and singer was best known as a panelist on TV’s “The Match Game.” She was the wife of actor Jack Klugman.

SCOTT KORCHAK (aka Scotty Riddim) - Died Sept. 15 of liver failure. (Ska/Rock/Reggae) He was 57, played trumpet and sang, and was a member of The Blue Riddim Band.

PEPSI TATE (Huw Justin Smith) - Died Sept. 18, in Penarth, Cardiff, of pancreatic cancer. (Glam-Metal) The bassist and singer was 42, and a member of Tigertailz.

LOU HOBBS - Died Sept. 20, in Jackson, MS, of Parkinson’s Disease. (Rockabilly) Born Oct. 11, 1941, the guitarist worked with Narvel Felts, and was a Rockabilly Hall Of Fame inductee.

LESTER GUYER III - Died Sept. 21, in Altoona, WI. (Rock) He was 52, a drummer, and worked with Spectrum, Afterdark, Sunrise and Ace Of Hearts.

ALICE GHOSTLEY - Died Sept. 21, in Studio City, CA, after a fight with colon cancer and a series of strokes. (Cabaret) Born Aug. 14, 1926 in a train station in Eve, MO, the actress and singer portrayed Esmeralda on TV’s “Bewitched” and Bernice Clifton on “Designing Women.”

COLONEL LARRY FULLER - Died Sept. 22, in Richmond, KY, in a tour bus fire. (Bluegrass/Gospel) Born in 1948 in Pike County, KY, the singer led The Larry Fuller Band, and was a George D. Hay Music Hall Of Fame inductee.

MIKEY OFFENDER (Mikey Donaldson) - Died Sept. 22, in Barcelona, Spain. (Punk) He was 46, a bassist, and worked with MDC, The Offenders, The Nitwitz and Sister Double Happiness.

MITCH KARCZEWSKI - Died Sept. 26, in Cleveland, OH, of a heart attack. He was 58, a music promoter, and owned the clubs Red Parrot and The Flying Machine. He organized the World Series of Metal festivals, and booked bands including Overkill, Manowar, Bruce Dickinson’s Skunkworks, Testament, Stuck Mojo, Anthrax and The Misfits.

DALE HOUSTON - Died Sept. 27, in Hattiesburg, MS, of heart failure. Born April 23, 1940, in Seminary, MS, the singer/songwriter was half of the duo Dale & Grace, a Louisiana Hall Of Fame inductee, Texas Music Hall Of Fame inductee, Delta Music Hall Of Fame inductee and Gulf Coast Music Hall Of Fame inductee.