Rockstar Death Notices - March 2010

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The Knack's Doug Fieger RIP

The Knack's Doug Fieger RIP

Herman Dunham (aka Herman Curtis) (Herman P. Dunham) - Died 1-31-2010 in Queens, NY, U.S. - Lung cancer (Doo-Wop) Born 2-8-1936 in New York, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Solitaires (They did, “Please Remember My Heart” and “What Did She Say”) and The Rainbows who became The Vocaleers (They did, “Be True” and “I Walk Alone”).

Gill Miller - Died 1-?-2010 - Aneurism - She was 72 years old - Singer and pianist - Was a member of The Rocking Grannies.

Geoff Lloyd - Died 1-?-2010 (Rock) Bassist - Was a member of The Matthew Good Band (They did, “Alabama Motel Room” and “She’s Got A New Disguise”) and The Slipjacks.

Paris Essoumba - Died 2-1-2010 in Silver Spring - Suicide (Hip Hop) He was 17 years old - Was a member of Those Guys.

Tommy Hair - Died 2-?-2010 in Bangladesh - Heart attack (Rock) He was 49 years old - Bassist and DJ - Was a member of The Dub Warriors.

Barbara Brown - Died 2-3-2010 in Detroit, MI, U.S. (Soul - Gospel) (She did, “If I Can’t Run To You I’ll Crawl”) - Led Barbara And The Browns (They did, “Big Party” and “I Don’t Want Trouble”).

Greg Pianka - Died 2-5-2010 in Millcreek Township, PA, U.S. - Stabbed (Rock) He was 35 years old - Bassist - Worked with Dirty Looks.

Joe Lovecchio (Joseph Lovecchio) - Died 2-5-2010 (Rock) Played saxophone - Was a member of The Sparks (They did, “Mary Mary Lou” and “Why Did You Leave”) - Worked with Poppa Stoppa Oldies.

Al Utronki - Died 2-?-2010 - He was 68 years old - Sang and played steel-guitar - Was a member of The Countrymen.

Sir John Dankworth (John Phillip William Dankworth) (aka Johnny Dankworth) - Died 2-6-2010 in London, England - Illness (Jazz) Born 9-20-1927 in Woodford, Essex, England - Saxophonist and clarinetist - Led The Dankworth Seven - Worked with Charlie Parker, Clark Terry, Lionel Hampton, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, Herbie Hancock, Dudley Moore and Sidney Bechet - Wrote music for TV’s, The Avengers and Tomorrow’s World - Was married to singer, Dame Cleo Laine.

Richard Delvy - Died 2-6-2010 in California, U.S. (Surf Rock) Born 4-20-1942 in Bridgeport, Conn., U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of The Bel-Airs (They did, “Mr. Moto”) and The Challengers - Produced The Chambers Brothers and The Outsiders - Wrote the theme for the film, The Green Slime and music for the cartoons, The Archies, Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids and The Groovy Ghoulies - Was a musical director and arranger for Tony Orlando & Dawn and David Cassidy.

Tony Taylor (Anthony Taylor) - Died 2-6-2010 - Motorcycle accident (Metal) Singer - Was a member of Twisted Tower Dire.

Ben Trussell - Died 2-7-2010 (Rock) He was 25 years old - Singer and guitarist - (He did, “Wake Up” and “Dreams Don’t Last Forever”).

Pena Branca (Jose Ramiro Sobrinho) - Died 2-8-2010 - Heart attack (Brazilian Folk) Born 1939 in Igarapava, Sao Paulo - Singer - He was half of the duo, Pena Branca & Xavantinho (They did, “Cio da Terra”).

Rev. James Parker (James O. Parker Jr.) (aka Little Odie and Pop-Pop) - Died 2-8-2010 in Newport News, VA, U.S. (Gospel) He was 74 years old - Born in Nansemond County, VA, U.S. - Was a member of The Parker Four Quartet.

Donald “Jack” Johnson - Died 2-8-2010 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. (Doo-Wop) Singer - He was 76 years old - Was a member of The Cardinals (They did, “Shouldn’t I Know” and “Please Don’t Leave Me”).

Doc Blakey - Died 2-9-2010 - Cancer (Blues) He was 43 years old - Guitarist - Led Doc Blakey And The Memphis Blues Tones - Was a member of The Swamp Dogs - Worked with Johnny Jones (They did, “That Picture” and “Hey Little Angel”) - Nephew of guitarist, Theodis Ealey.

Malcolm Vaughan (Malcolm James Thomas) - Died 2-9-2010 in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England (Pop) Born 3-22-1929 in Abercynon, Glamorgan, South Wales - Singer - (He did, “St. Therese Of The Roses” and “More Than Ever (Come Prima)”) - Was a member of The Welsh Street Singers.

Gireesh Puthenchery - Died 2-10-2010 in Kozhikode, Kerala, India - Brain hemorrhage - Born 1961 in Kozhikode, Kerala, India - Lyricist and screenwriter - Wrote lyrics for over 1500 songs for films including, Malar Maasam and Oh Priya.

Robert Struczewski (aka Astaroth) - Died 2-10-2010 - Brain tumor (Metal) Born 1967 - Bassist - Was a member of Vader.

Alexander McQueen (Lee Alexander McQueen) - Died 2-11-2010 in Mayfair, London, England - Suicide - Born 3-16-1969 in Lewisham, London, England - Fashion designer for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Bjork and Madonna - Directed the music video for Bjork’s song, Alarm Call.

Iain Burgess - Died 2-11-2010 in Florida, U.S. - Pulmonary embolism - Producer - Worked with Big Black, Poster Children, Naked Raygun, Effigies, Bhopal Stiffs, Green And Shellac, Ministry, Bloodsport, The Defoliants and Pegboy.

Gena Dry - Found dead 2-11-2010 in England - Her body had been run over by a train (Rock) She was 46 years old - Singer and guitarist - (She did, “Alice In The Garden” and “Undress Me”).

Grethe Sonck (Grethe Ingeborg Nielsen Hald) - Died 2-12-2010 in Rageleje - Natural causes - Born 6-16-1929 in Hjerm - Singer and actress - Appeared in the films, The Greeneyed Elephant and The Olsen Gang.

Jake Hanna - Died 2-13-2010 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications from blood disease (Jazz)  Born 4-4-1931- Drummer - Worked with Toshiko Akiyoshi, Maynard Ferguson, Supersax, Marian McPartland, Woody Herman’s Orchestra and The Merv Griffin Show big band.

Dale Hawkins (Delmar Allen Hawkins) - Died 2-13-2010 - Colon cancer (Rockabilly) Born 8-22-1936 in Goldmine, LA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did,  “Suzy Q” and “Wildcat Tamer”) - Produced The Five Americans (“Western Union”), John Fred & His Playboy Band (“Judy In Disguise”), Jon & Robin, Bruce Channel, The Dolls, Ronnie Self, The Festivals, James Bell, The Gentrys and The Uniques - Worked with Michael Nesmith and Harry Nillson - Cousin of musician, Ronnie Hawkins - Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

David Rhodes - Died 2-13-2010 in Windsor - Bowel cancer (Pop) He was 34 years old - Singer and musician - (He did, “Too Much (Talking)” and “More Time Please”).

Cy Grant - Died 2-13-2010 (Caribbean Folk - Calypso) Born 11-8-1919 - Actor and singer - (He did, “King Cricket” and “The Constantine Calypso”).

Jamil Nasser - Died 2-13-2010 in New Jersey, U.S. (Jazz) Born 6-21-1933 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Played bass and tuba - Worked with with B.B. King,  Phineas Newborn, Clifford Jordan, Jimmy Raney, Harold Mabern, George Coleman, Terry Gibbs, Sonny Rollins, Lester Young, Ahmad Jamal, Al Haig and Ray Mosca Jr.

Doug Fieger - Died 2-14-2010 in Woodland Hills, CA, U.S. - Cancer (Rock) Born 8-20-1952 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Sky (They did, “How’s That Treatin’ Your Mouth Babe?” and “Make It In Time”), The Sunset Bombers and The Knack (They did, “My Sharona” and “Good Girls Don’t”) - Worked with Triumvirat - Produced The Rubber City Rebels.

Fernando Alarcon - Died 2-14-2010 - Brain hemorrhage on stage - Born 6-?-1958 - Singer, composer and pianist - (Recorded the CDs, “Amor de Estrellas” and “Once de Octubre”) - Worked with Dalila Colombo.

Lee Freeman - Died 2-14-2010 in San Bruno, CA, U.S. - Cancer (Rock) Born 11-8-1948 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of Thee Sixpence who became Strawberry Alarm Clock (They did, “They Saw The Fat One Coming” and “Incense And Peppermints”).

Lil’ Dave Thompson (David Lonzo Thompson) - Died 2-14-2010 near Augusta, Georgia, U.S. - Car accident (Blues) Born 5-21-1969 in Hinds County, Mississippi, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - (He did, “She Didn’t Say Goodbye” and “I Got The blues”) - Was a member of The Delta Blues Band.

Bussaya Rangsri (Manee Dabbaransi) - Died 2-15-2010 - Cancer - Born 8-13-1940 in Songkhla - (She did, “Krasib Sawat” and “Namta Dao, Fark Morn”) - Was a member of The Suntaraporn Big Band.

Ali-Akbar Mehdipur Dehkordi - Died 2-15-2010 - Heart failure - He was 75 years old - Born 1935 in a region in Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari Province - Played the sorna, the karna and the kamancheh - He can be heard playing on the theme for TV’s, Once Upon A Time.

Art Van Damme - Died 2-15-2010 - Illness (Jazz) Born 4-9-1920 in Norway, Michigan, U.S. - Accordionist - Led The Art Van Damme Quintet - Worked with Ben Bernie.

Wilroy Sanders (Willie Roy Sanders) - Died 2-16-2010 - Complications of lung cancer (Blues) He was 76 years old - Born in Byhalia, Miss., U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of The Binghampton Blues Boys and The Fieldstones.

Ines Paulke - Died 2-17-2010 in Thannhausen, Germany - Suicide - Born 9-20-1958 in Grafenthal , Germany - (She did, “Color Of My Tears”) - Worked with Datzu, The Swing Sisters and Brady Swenson.

Peter Smith - Died 2-17-2010 (Orchestral - Jazz) He was 64 years old - Born in Australia - Played clarinet, saxophone, guitar and banjo - Worked with The National Arts Centre Orchestra, The Ayorama Woodwind Quintet and The Pierrot Ensemble.

Kathryn Grayson (Zelma Kathryn Elisabeth Hedrick) - Died 2-17-2010 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Born 1922 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, U.S. - Singer and actress - Appeared in the musicals, Kiss Me Kate and Show Boat - She had been married to actor, John Shelton and actor and singer, Johnnie Johnston.

Gaylord Lambdin - Died 2-18-2010 in Maryville - He was 90 years old - Played guitar and fiddle - Was a member of The Arizona Cowboys.

Ernest “Doc” Watson - Died 2-18-2010 (Jazz) He was 77 years old - Played French horn and saxophone - Worked with The Groovy Boys, Little Millet And The Creoles, The Young Tuxedo Brass Band and The Olympia Brass Band.

Richard Proulx - Died 2-18-2010 (Choral) He was 72 years old - Conductor, arranger and composer - He wrote over 300 works - Led The Cathedral Singers.

Brian Trapani - Died 2-18-2010 - Natural causes - He was 34 years old - Guitarist and singer - Worked with Retromatic and Box For Peewee.

Ariel Ramirez - Died 2-18-2010 - From a neurological condition - Born 9-4-1921 in Santa Fe - Pianist and composer - (He wrote, “Misa Criolla”, which has been performed by Jose Carreras and Mercedes Sosa) - Collaborated with Felix Luna (“Mujeres Argentinas”) - Worked with Atahualpa Yupanqui.

Ken King - Died 2-?-2010 - Pancreatic cancer - He was 67 years old - Guitarist and singer - Led Kenny King And The Breakaways.

Frankie Rhys - Died 2-19-2010 in Belize City - Chronic complications of diabetes mellitus (Jazz) He was 61 years old - Born in New York, NY, U.S. - Played saxophone - Worked with his wife, Diana Rhys.

Wade Brown - Found dead 2-19-2010 in Truro, N.S. (Blues) He was 63 years old - Born in Truro - Guitarist - Was a member of The Dutch Mason Blues Band.

Jason Wood - Died 2-20-2010 in London, England - Born 1-2-1972 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England - Comedian and singer - Known for his impersonations of musical artists including Cher and Morrissey.

Kamal Khan - Died 2-21-2010 in Chabahar (Baluchistan Folk) He was 68 years old - Singer, musician and poet.

Muriel Midgley - Died 2-21-2010 - After a stroke - She was 82 years old - Born in Leeds - Pianist and singer - Was a member of The Brunswick Babes.

Tahmures Kashkuli - Died 2-?-2010 - Born 1937 in Bereshneh Village near the Sepidan region - Sang and played the ney labak and the sorna - (He recorded the album, “Durnavar”).

Josphat Masters (aka J Masters) - Died 2-23-2010 - He was 52 years old - Musician and promoter - Worked with JM Seasons, JM Crew, 2 Plus 2, The Pied Pipers and Zexie Manatsa.

Lonnie Heard - Died 2-23-2010 in Detroit, Mich., U.S. (R&B) Singer - Was a member of The Shamrocks, The Del-Torros and The Five Dollars (aka The Don Juans) (They did, “Doctor Baby” and “My Baby-O”).

Chilly B (Robert Crafton III) - Died 2-23-2010 - After a stroke (Electro-Rap) He was 47 years old - Singer, bassist and keyboardist - Was a member of Newcleus (They did, “Jam On It” and “Computer Age (Push The Button)”).

Hung Yi-feng - The king of Formosan song - Died 2-24-2010 - Pancreatic cancer - He was 82 years old - Born in Taiwan - Singer and songwriter - (He did, “Memories Of An Old Love” and “The One I’m Missing”).

Walter Alfaiate - Died 2-27-2010 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Samba) Born 6-7-1930 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Singer and composer - (He wrote, “Coracao oprimido” and “A.M.O.R. Amor”).

Tom “T-Bone” Wolk - Died 2-27-2010 - Heart attack (Rock) Born 1951 in Yonkers, New York, U.S. - Played guitar, accordion, mandolin, mandocello, hammered dulcimer and pump organ - Worked with Hall & Oates, Carly Simon, Billy Joel, Jellyfish, Roseanne Cash, Cyndi Lauper, Harry Nilsson, Squeeze, Ryan Leslie, Elvis Costello, Jewel, The South Band, Terry Adams and The Saturday Night Live Band.

Larry Cassidy - Died 2-27-2010 in Blackpool, England (Rock) He was 56 years old - Singer and bassist - Was a member of Section 25 (They did, “Looking From A Hilltop” and “Girls Don’t Count”) - He had been married to singer and keyboardist, Jenny Ross.

Jorge Villamil (Jorge Augusto Villamil Cordovez) - Died 2-28-2010 in Bogota, Colombia (Bambuco - Vals) Born 6-6-1929 in Huila, Colombia - Songwriter, singer and guitarist - (He wrote, “El Barcino” and “Soy Cobarde”) - He songs have been done by Javier Solis, Marco Antonio Muniz,  Julio Jaramillo, Alejandro Fernandez, Vicente Fernandez and Felipe Arriaga.