F ingers

Album title: Awkwardly Blissing Out
Record Label: Blackest Ever Black
by John Noyd
August 2017
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F ingers - Awkwardly Blissing Out

F ingers - Awkwardly Blissing Out

Ghost-motioned notions floating over fizzled glitches download pre-natal fables from electro-static catalysts rallying proto-metallic crickets in rippling micro-rhythms; the aqueous, “Blissing,” bobs in inquisitive synchronized minimalism backlit in embryonic sonics. Pagan spacemen creeping through fleeting, shoe-gazed mazes, F ingers wrings Krautrock kabuki from abducted fluctuations glazed in intermittent symmetry, splashing harsh sparse departures among serene dreams and burnt-out fuse-box ambience.

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