Invisible Familiars

Album title: Disturbing Wildlife
Record Label: Other Music Recording Co.
by John Noyd
January 2015
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Invisible Familiars - Disturbing Wildlife

Invisible Familiars - Disturbing Wildlife

Sprawling fall-out from left-brained strangers, “Disturbing,” subverts conventions with creepy sleepers caked in sinister chemistry and tangy bangers teasing art-rock stalkers; beat-heavy noir dancing to cuckoo boogaloo and low-down velvet-viper funk. Slinky tinker-toy techno-pop greased in sleazy freedoms, smirking anarchist’s glee and quick-change artist audacity, Invisible Familiar’s con-man genre tumbles and thunders with ominous comments, slippery sighs and sideshow charm.

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