Album title: Guilty of Everything
Record Label: Relapse
by John Noyd
February 2014
(1956) Page Views

Nothing - Guilty of Everything

Nothing - Guilty of Everything

Bristling in super-saturated sizzle, sputtering cosmic fuzz and congealing electric squeals, Nothing’s uncoiled turmoil lays thick textured sheets of ghostly gloss for polished squalor whose colored lulling unveils stark phosphorescent sparks. An intergalactic factory welding corrosive guitars over tranquil banquets, “Guilty,” forges past shoe-gaze haziness into fluid space-rock awesomeness building explosive potions from brazen buzz, fog-bound preponderance and dream-streaked feed-back. Nothing vists Madison’s Majestic Theater opening for Pelican May 18th.

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