Album title: Mini-Mansions
Record Label: Rekords Rekords
by John Noyd
October 2010
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Mini-Mansions - Mini-Mansions

Mini-Mansions - Mini-Mansions

Ghoulish pursuits from pop-rock hooligans, Mini-Mansion’s crazed clich├ęs cleave dream-speak tweets into a scrumptious rush. Cryptic gibberish and lecherous messages canned into pounding, pouncing demonic delights, a bushwhacked grab-bag evoking Spoon, Supergrass, even Billy Joel, this self-titled debut scoops goofy gremlins into spirited shenanigans, walking bass pirouettes into spiraling guitars and barrelhouse piano for campy vamps and predatory rock-star glory. Mini-Mansions appear Dec 8th at Milwaukee’s Mad Planet and Dec 9th at Madison’s Project Lodge

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