Schneider and Kacirek

Album title: Shadows Documents
Record Label: Bureau B
by John Noyd
February 2015
(1878) Page Views

Schneider and Kacirek - Shadows Documents

Schneider and Kacirek - Shadows Documents

Unflinching ninja transmissions from dial-tone twilight zones, pinball-alley galleries sprinkled in dark, sparse cosmic larks, “Shadows,” scurry, merging sonic-purrs stamped with animated equations, sautéed in electro-galvanized tidal-pools and roasted in velvety analogue. Scholars of Kenyan beats, Schneider and Kacirek’s deft touch works sly, subtle tactics into galactic magic establishing unexpected stretches within impulsive outbursts, coaxing trans-dimensional gremlins from deep-space radio.

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