Cosmo Jarvis

Album title: Think Bigger
Record Label: The Middle Ground
by John Noyd
June 2012
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Cosmo Jarvis - Think Bigger

Cosmo Jarvis - Think Bigger

Coy sleep-on-the-floor troubadour and tongue-wagging scalawag versed in barn-stormin’ boogie, cottage-pop nods and cheeky hayseed romps, Jarvis carves rustic punk busking into swinging, string-assisted folk-rock. Stacking bodacious stomps and impish twisters beside sly irony and giddy wit, the imminently amiable, “Bigger,” configures cap-sized happiness through wide kaleidoscope eyes, placing hammock banjos and child-recital ocarinas among woozy strings and blistering guitars.

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