Emiliana Torrini

Album title: Tookah
Record Label: Rough Trade
by John Noyd
September 2013
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Emiliana Torrini - Tookah

Emiliana Torrini - Tookah

Painting bewitching pictures in post-millennial folk-pop, “Tookah,” produces an organic assortment of slinky jazz-chick calypso, willowy astral-ballads and sleek dance-beat rallies. A cross-pollinating angel piloting gentle landings under starry skies, Torrini’s cabaret princess carves delicious candle-lit synthesis slithering in flickering rhythms; silky, electro-pixie whimsy spins sophisticated dangers into sumptuous comforts as ravishing passions coated in mischievous teases net refreshing pleasures.

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