Slipped Discs February 2021

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Wendy Eisenberg of Editrix

Wendy Eisenberg of Editrix

Initial Thoughts

Between elastic-rock polymaths EDITRIX’s bone-crunching bounce-houses, “Tell Me I’m Bad,” combustible funkster MISS GRIT’s rock-primed land-mines, “Imposter,” and sweet-tooth tsunamis PALE WAVES’ arena-pop, “Who Am I?” self-doubts hound February. Combine triumphant underdog LUCY SPRAGGAN’s tactical sass, “Choices,” and dynamic landscape painters THE WEATHER STATION’s blazing folk-jazz, “Ignorance,” with grounded space-cowboy HOTELS ON MARS’ blues-packed artifacts, “Grief Museum,” and art-pop pedagogue VIRGINIA WING’s multi-layered monologues, “private LIFE,” for some well-worded uncertainty. 

Disc Reviews

Bodies of Water - Is This What It’s Like

Bodies of Water - Is This What It’s Like

Bodies of Water

Album title: Is This What It’s Like
Record Label: Thousand Tongues

Adamant theatrics catapulting concise advice through scripted quips and glib prescriptions, “This,” clinches witty fictions in pithy insights, charming dramas built from funky synths, winsome violins and wanderlust percussion. Ambidextrous confessors, sensual self-professed tempters and entrenched messengers, Bodies of Water wobble, topple and weave in lively surprises derived from roaming personas; writhing, divulging gypsy-rock glories poured into slinky indie-pop operettas

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Sun June - Somewhere

Sun June - Somewhere

Sun June

Album title: Somewhere
Record Label: Run for Cover

Sparkling effervescence buoys distant sunlit wishes as the radiantly understated Sun June coast through bruised folk-blues into wheelhouse healing, mid-tempo meditations baking gracious mistakes into a melodic oasis sheltering humbled troubles and wounded humor. Unhurried discoveries injected with electric licks, “Somewhere,” sings in rear-mirror lyrics swimming towards gentle contentment, past mishaps navigating restless respect with introspective penance and fearless experience.

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Alexander Biggs - Hit or Miss

Alexander Biggs - Hit or Miss

Alexander Biggs

Album title: Hit or Miss
Record Label: self-release

Tumbleweed autobiography gathering metaphorical momentum shaded in collateral damage and random details, “Miss,” whispers in descriptive riddles, defining shining examples and revelatory rambles via moonlight acoustics splashed in friendly folk-pop jangle entangled in underwater consciousness. Charismatic narrator Biggs writes page-turning journalism coded in roadside rhapsodies, literate sympathies unraveling street-bleached poetry from story-teller cellars capturing parched heart’s mysteries inside honky-tonk homilies.

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Brijean - Feelings

Brijean - Feelings


Album title: Feelings
Record Label: Ghostly International

Glossy peacocks and retro-posh swashbucklers, Brijean breathes lava-lamp leisure onto jet-set merry-making, creating heaven-bound soundtracks to ultra-cool get-togethers whose groovy pool-side rendezvous invite and entice hippie-chic paradise. Electro-lounge pleasure-seekers celebrating fleeting weekend sensations, “Feelings,” ripple in hip, sultry pan-cultural raves, equatorial boogie sauntering along sleepy Parisian salons fawning over satin-sheet beats billowing beneath pastel Latin jazz and sizzling international disco.

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Nana Yamato - Before Sunrise

Nana Yamato - Before Sunrise

Nana Yamato

Album title: Before Sunrise
Record Label: Dull Tools

Crushed, hushed and slathered in foxy indie-rock chops and Zen-drenched attention, “Before,” explores the uproar from tender tensions bent by silky willfulness, a savvy gravity blessed in phat fuzz, coy voices and maverick studio alchemy. Single-handedly commanding a formidable MIDI universe, renaissance DIYer Yamato’s smoldering innocence ignites a thousand neon midnights glowing in alienated tranquility, precocious emotion and barbed calm.

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Caithlin De Marrais - What Will You Do Then?

Caithlin De Marrais - What Will You Do Then?

Caithlin De Marrais

Album title: What Will You Do Then?
Record Label: Skeletal Lightning

Mod prophet, visionary canary and psycho-social scientist, Rainer Maria’s imaginative De Marrais produces dark alt-pop tunes festooned in moody New Wave laments; semi-organic manifestos revealing candid tangible humanity through sweetly manufactured reality, secretive meetings breeched by treacherous synthetics. The quizzical, narcotic odyssey, “Then,” sends clear ideas into murky worlds, wrestling ever-present menace in ghostly diagnosis, spontaneous elation and potent hypnosis.

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Final Thoughts

February confidence-builders get musical infusions from song-conjurer JILLETTE JOHNSON’s spellbinding country-folk hocus-pocus, “It’s A Beautiful Day and I Love You,” crackling jazz-masters YOKO MIWA TRIO’s red-hot piano-powered happy-hour, “Songs of Joy,” and sublime mountain-climbers MOGWAI’s transcendent frenzy, “As the Love Continues.” Depend on medieval dream-weavers VÁKOUM’s digi-indigenous synergy, “Linchpin,” rev your motor with iron-clad antagonists TV PRIEST’s doomsday absolution, “Uppers,” grab some thunder from independent pop-renegade CLAUD’s sunshine-lined diary, “Super Monster,” then arm yourself in surreal essayist DANIELLE DE PICCIOTTO’s guided mind-flights, “The Element of Love.” You can do it.