Slipped Discs March 2022

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Initial Thoughts

March albums sum things up in two-word phrases. Metaphorical friction ignites straight-shooting troubadour JASON ERIE’s heartfelt honky-tonk, “Tiny Fires,” skulking alt-rock culprit ED SCHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT’s noirish, “Nightclub Daydreaming,” and storied laureate GABRIEL KAHANE’s stellar eloquent novellas, “Magnificent Birds,” while paired ideas frame cinematic rapper RAW POETICS’ charged collage, “Laminated Skies” twilight high-jackers SANDMAN SLEEPS’ shadow-rock scenarios, “Crisis Actor,” and crepe-paper shape-shifter ANTON BARBEAU’s irreverent, “Power Pop.” Keep it brief.

Disc Reviews

Jenny Hval - Classic Objects

Jenny Hval - Classic Objects

Jenny Hval

Album title: Classic Objects
Record Label: 4AD

Precarious narratives drifting with otherworldly gifts doting over ghostly totems, “Classic,” waxes and refrains, speculative texts enmeshed in everyday occasions piecing fleeting metaphysical sedatives into pixie-dusted productions.  A perceptive conceptualist, Hval flits in synthesized glimpses, conjugating vast galaxies trimmed in whimsical descriptions, unraveling scrapbook snapshots yearning for utopian openings within global moments timed to find sublime designs inside reality’s reliability.

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Bodega - Broken Equipment

Bodega - Broken Equipment


Album title: Broken Equipment
Record Label: What's Your Rupture?

Hungry punk commandos seeking appeasement through reason and logic for solace, Bodega attacks with collective pressure and heady bedlam, ringmasters at moon-barking carnivals painted in insidious grit, clanging jangle and streetwise choirs. Decadent declarations confronting contemporary life’s abundant conundrums and mind-numbing redundancy, “Broken,” courts corrosive duplicity, targeted marketing and dissociated behavior in endearing sneers catapulting tabloid shrapnel into existential minefields.

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Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul  - Topical Dancer

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul - Topical Dancer

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul

Album title: Topical Dancer
Record Label: DEEWEE

Witty digi-dancehall catcalls choreographed in spiffy electro-funk fun, “Topical,” lobs post-colonial exposés into skewered lampoons; pastel Krautrock stocked with mesmerizing evidence tripping motion-activated statements endorsing cosmopolitan acceptance and sensual transcendence. Laughable facts extracted from social labyrinths, Charlotte and Bolis mix style with wiles where sarcasm and mockery disco down swinging in lingual commingling, stinging in sly asides and impish manipulations.

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Miles Francis - Good Man

Miles Francis - Good Man

Miles Francis

Album title: Good Man
Record Label: self-release

Fired in desire, Francis’ woke soul lays silk sheets over liquified beats, sleek orchestrated hits slipping into slithering riffs flexing restless paisley-pop chops around passive jazz arabesques. Distilled in philosophical goodwill, therapeutic improvements and grateful appraisals, “Man,” examines personal ramifications with fretless testaments and glamorous semantics, cathartic karma joining elastic analysis for honest commentary, velvety boogie and steamy dream-weaving solos.

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Yumi Zouma - Present Tense

Yumi Zouma - Present Tense

Yumi Zouma

Album title: Present Tense
Record Label: Polyvinyl

Airbrushed crushes shimmering in invincible indie-pop, the heaven-sent, “Tense,”
sends modern valentines fashionably wrapped in tactful backbones, seductive muscle and dancefloor-driven, race-car hearts. A hook and melody machine clocking ultra-smooth moves from the inside track, Yumi Zouma retool sauntering confidence and unrestrained elation into splendid, shiny engines engineered with satin accuracy smitten with longing promises, parting remarks and lipstick symbolism.

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Guerilla Toss - Famously Alive

Guerilla Toss - Famously Alive

Guerilla Toss

Album title: Famously Alive
Record Label: Sub Pop

Congealed surrealists Guerilla Toss demolish swaddled robotics inside blacklight psycho-sludge, concocting thick, gripping narco-pop lit in thunderous buzz and convulsive fuzz; delightful and spiteful, wholesome and loathsome.  Camouflaged in mammoth rampages, “Famously,” clobbers ravenous showstoppers in audacious mayhem, gleeful seizures and gallant insanity, an exorbitant neon fortress poured from cheering jackhammer lyrics into igneous glowstick glitz glitched, pitched and unhitched.

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Final Thoughts

March keeps things moving. Be it introspective indies CAMP COPE’s penetrating escapades, “Running with the Hurricane,” art-lounge doyenne KRISTINE LESCHPER’s, blossoming possibilities, “The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door, or swoon-pop legends THE BOO RADLEYS’ shaggy toe-tappers, “Keep On With Falling.” Try to catch underwater mountaineers YOUNG PRISMS’ misty dissolution, “Drifter,” hootenanny dandy STEVE DAWSON’s estranged twang, “Gone Long Gone,” or polyrhythmic wizards IBIBIO SOUND MACHINE’s positively hip-swiveling, “Electricity,” before bouncing between proto-folk throwback MARY SIMICH’s authentic friendliness, “How Does One Begin,” and sensitive intellect BART DAVENPORT’s probing folk-pop, “Episodes.”