Slipped Discs April 2022

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd



Initial Thoughts

Floundering in doubt, April albums peddle unsettled feelings. Question translucent tunesmiths COLATURA’s pastel castles, “And Then I’ll Be Happy,” and plush-pop purveyor MELODY’S ECHO CHAMBER’s cinematic ballet, “Emotional Eternal.” Weigh synth-goth surgeons TEMPERS’ softly ominous, “New Meaning,” against mod impresario SIMON LOVE’s cheekily gleeful, “Love, Sex and Death etc.” Consider punk piledriver PUP’s helter-skelter meltdowns, “The Unraveling of Piptheband,” alongside imaginative collaborative dabblers MY IDEA’s fashionable, “Cry MFER.” Who knows?

Disc Reviews

Oceanator - Nothing’s Ever Fine

Oceanator - Nothing’s Ever Fine


Album title: Nothing’s Ever Fine
Record Label: Polyvinyl

Thrills spilling into introspective quests, “Fine,” hits the ground running with matter-of-fact traction waxing nostalgic in white-knuckle muscle and savvy electric ballads whose methodical plotlines squeezed heavy reverie from grounded sounds, husky percussion and pounding progressions. Strong and honest, yet open and hopeful, Oceanator succinctly pivots from joyrides to layovers in revved crash-course discourse powering economic songs with guitar-centric prowess.

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Mitch Davis - The Haunt

Mitch Davis - The Haunt

Mitch Davis

Album title: The Haunt
Record Label: Arbutus Records

Swinging and digging in heart-skipping whims and hip-dipping synergy, Davis tastefully lays downtown boogie bubbling under cavalier smooth-jazz; calm and collected messages tickling sunny synths in laidback syncopation, bound by hound-dog bass and humming in tumbling drums. Suave parcels harboring style and smiles, “The Haunt,” saunters in dapper finger-snapping happenings, bygone fondness buttered in toasty jive walking sly hepcat strides.

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Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Night Gnomes

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Night Gnomes

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Album title: Night Gnomes
Record Label: Marathon Artists

Syrupy psyches rock metallic flashbacks laced with lava-lamp glamour as, “Gnomes,” battles baroque jangle-folk with bold, thunderclap magic, a posh wizard’s blues-rock blizzard dizzy with elastic rabbit-hole nosedives. Lysergic-painted craniums embroiled in roaring swagger, PPC gleams, tin-foil dream police unleashing bonker sing-alongs gushing in flanged anthems hooked on gonzo chain-saw rainbows and washed in withering strings and dazzling fuzz-buzzed bangers.

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Tomberlin - I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This

Tomberlin - I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This


Album title: I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This
Record Label: Saddle Creek

Cat’s cradle fables weaving pristine meaning from stirred yearning curdling timid simmering, Tomberlin’s lyrical spiritual pilgrimage sparks compartmentalized catharsis coaxing smoldering salvation from delicate melodies melting intricate rhythms into curious fury. Plaintive arrangements equipped with nimble chamber-folk podiums and searing pop-rock pulpits, “I Don’t Know,” exposes tender sentiments beneath expressive confessions, stoic disclosure woven from sincere appearances delivering sumptuous comforts.

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The Linda Lindas - Growing Up

The Linda Lindas - Growing Up

The Linda Lindas

Album title: Growing Up
Record Label: Epitaph

Jubilant exuberance cruising through old-school cool, “Growing,” molds renegade escapades polished from wrecking-ball squalor into gorgeous boardwalk rockers whose crushing punk-pop bluster yield playful mayhem. Indignant mosh-pit indigents strapped to amps and thrift-store power-chords, The Linda Lindas revive fiery diatribes, happy thrash compacted into rambunctious sunshine channeling riot-gurl pearls with brick-and-mortar choruses driven by punchy harmonies and manic anarchy.

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Congotronics International - Where’s The One?

Congotronics International - Where’s The One?

Congotronics International

Album title: Where’s The One?
Record Label: Crammed Discs

A collective consciousness encompassing four continents, Congotronics International’s ten lead vocalists, five guitarists, three likembe players, five percussionists, two bass players and three drummers conjure exalted call and response romps ensconced in lively rocktronics and rich Congolese traditions. Joyful and divine, “Where’s,” pairs rampant trance with ecstatic improvisation, mystical radio transmissions broadcasting eclectic dialectics crossing chosen-family jams with borderless euphoria.

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Final Thoughts

Relationship advice slips into this spring’s records from reticent sentimentalists GIRLPOOL’s subtly voluptuous, “Forgiveness,” to deep-feeling folk-pop chameleon GEORGIA HARMER’s snazzy, “Stay in Touch,” and flower-powered JEANINES’ quaintly jangled jamborees, “Don’t Wait For A Sign.” Work things out between sultry clubber CHELSEA JADE’s unquenchable suggestions, “Soft Spot” and savage magnetic SAVAK’s, slamming mandates, “Human Error/Human Delight,” before hanging around articulate romantic SONDRE LERCHE’s sophisticated banquet, “Avatars of Love.” Finally, get real with tactful proactive DIANE COFFEE’s oxygenated space-pop, “With People,” and music-hall dust-bowl busker TIM KASHER’s charismatic adages, “Middling Age.”