Slipped Discs May 2022

Discs You May Have Missed
by John Noyd

Maria Chiara Argiró

Maria Chiara Argiró

Initial Thoughts

May albums travel from electro-bedroom fusionist MARIA CHIARA ARGIRÒ’s jazz-wrapped habitats, “Forest City,” to scrappy vagabonds THE GARBAGE & THE FLOWERS’ blissful basement wig-outs “Cinnamon Sea.” Add Aussie rockers ROLLING BLACKOUT COASTAL FEVER’s angular jangle, “Endless Rooms,” and utopia-pop multi-instrumentalist C DUNCAN’s sumptuous confluence, “Alluvium,” to your itinerary, positioned between suave stylist ALEX IZENBERG’s sardonic art-songs, “I’m Not Here,” and quizzical minimalist MELISSSA WEIKART’s keyboard capitulations, “Here, There.” Bon voyage.

Disc Reviews

Stars - From Capelton Hill

Stars - From Capelton Hill


Album title: From Capelton Hill
Record Label: Last Gang Records

Romantic anthems canvas posh pop in diminished chords, rolling bass and springy rhythms as “Hill,” swims laps around whimsical reminisces with swooning showtunes tackling silver-screen pageantry through soft, glitter-ball whispers, lavish synthesized pastels and gossipy philosophy. Exquisite misbegotten metropolitans, the modest and melodic Stars persuade, promenade, and serenade, misbehaved apologists bravely paving remedy’s redemption with harmonized hindsight and kissable wisdom.

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lullahush - A City Made of Water and Small Love

lullahush - A City Made of Water and Small Love


Album title: A City Made of Water and Small Love
Record Label: BDI Music

Restless architect and ephemeral experimentalist lullahush assembles tentative memories from circuit-bent confessions and integrated impressions; humane, cyber-soaked mementos trapped in shiny bubble-wrap flutter in colorful piety underlying shy transistorized lullabies, lyrical queries mirroring curious theories. Studio-curated concoctions postulating poetry in motion through effusive minutiae, “City,” builds biomechanical ambiance existing among inquisitive mysteries, nimble riddles piecing the feasible from the inconceivable.

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Monophonics  - Sage Motel

Monophonics - Sage Motel


Album title: Sage Motel
Record Label: Colemine Records

City-street soul floated on solar winds, “Motel,” swells with psychedelic spells grounded in vigilant precision, silk-lined teardrops from fallen-angel falsettos into gritty head-trips slamming, jamming and getting down. Humble pulpit revivalists, the cosmic Monophonics stand tall with heads bowed, rainbow warriors armed with Latin percussion, fuzz-laden leads and voodoo grooves sweetening punchy brass-plated pleads rocket-launching rallying melodramatics into locomotive rapture.

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Brothers Griiin - Joy City

Brothers Griiin - Joy City

Brothers Griiin

Album title: Joy City
Record Label: Graveface Records

Helmed by Flaming Lips’ Nicholas Ley and Matthew Duckworth Kirksey, awesome robotic ravers Brothers Griin’s lit debut spins double-dipped bangers between languid daydreams and ambitious mantras. Bungee-jumping funk stoked in baroque mojo, wrung from doctored beats and infected with sick riffs, “Joy,” bursts with sonic novelty, zonked geometry and fluid ingenuity happily cruising through madcap booty-rock with hip microchipped conniptions.   

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Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena  - West Kensington

Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena - West Kensington

Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena

Album title: West Kensington
Record Label: Three Lobed Recordings

Dappled in airbrushed plucks and prickly permutations ushering nebulous weddings where ghostly corrosions bleed into passive atmospheres with abstract majesty, “Kensington,” tends heavenly glens and sparkling gardens, tranquil banquets merging delicate brevity to blended serenity. Dispossessed processionals hatching placid tones sown from processed electronics, Lattimore’s harp and Sukeena’s guitar cleanse in choral auroras, visceral visions writhing mightily and wilting willfully.

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Pink Mountaintops - Peacock Pools

Pink Mountaintops - Peacock Pools

Pink Mountaintops

Album title: Peacock Pools
Record Label: ATO Records

Distorted sorcerers, courting, cavorting and teleporting, Pink Mountaintops’ monster stomp-box gypsy-rock climbs sublime heights casting nomadic paranoia down dark wells buzzing in six-string floods and dunked in glorious glam-punk thunder. Hurtling cataclysmic theatrics into scorned hornet downpours and swamp-boogie chainsaws, “Peacock,” scours around demonic romps propped up by flashy cabaret pushing savage myths stirred by gravelly wit and raggedly mosh-pits.

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Final Thoughts

Place has its place, but timing is everything whether country-pop confidantes COMPANION’s melancholy pondering, “Second Day of Spring,” folk-funk percussionist DANIEL VILLAREAL’s steamy Caribbean, “Panamá 77,” or indie singer-songwriters THE LOYAL SEAS’ compassionate, collaborative, “Strange Mornings in the Garden.” Take a moment with pastoral pixie DIATOM DELI’s eco-friendly, “Time-Lapse Nature,” and cagey angel KISSKADEE’s sweetly oblique, “Black Hole Era,” before moving onto groovy looper DAVID KNUDSON’s slingshot prog-pop, “The Only Thing You Have to Change is Everything” and earthy urban serpent TESS PARKS’ oily, “And Those Who Were Seen Dancing.”